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Ergonomic Standing Desk Assembly Instructions

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Our free residential standard and business standard freight options are by far our most popular and economical choices. While receiving a freight shipment and assembling your desk may seem daunting, it's actually a pretty straightforward process, and it's even easier with our team of ergonomic experts here to help you out. We've made a couple of videos that will walk you, step-by-step, through the desk assembly process, and everyone here has experience building a desk, so you can chat with us or call for live help with any questions you might have.


Because of the size of a desk shipment, all parts are boxed separately and packed on a pallet to be shipped on a freight truck (see picture above). When the truck arrives, you simply need to cut the pallet ties, and unload the boxes one-by-one. The desktop box usually weighs between 50 and 100 pounds, depending on the size and material, and the base usually weighs between 70 and 100 pounds, depending on the number of legs. If you don't have a friend, family member, or neighbor available to help on the day of delivery, we've found that the delivery driver will often help, and asking nicely and offering a small tip always go a long way!

Check out the following videos that we've made to help you get your ergonomic workstation up and running as quickly as possible.

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