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ErgoKit II - Assessment Tools

item#: EKT200

The ErgoKit II contains basic ergonomic assessment equipment. We have designed this Ergokit to be less expensive and have a high capacity force gauge for higher force push/pull/lift assessing. All equipment is organized in a custom, airline carry-on size case but is not in the custom water-jet cut foam inserts that are included with the Ergokit I and III. This kit will help you perform analysis, design, and test steps on almost every ergonomic problem you encounter. Scroll down for more Ergokit II details and specifications.

The ErgoKit II has been discontinued. For a complete ergonomic assessment kit, see the
ErgoKit - Ergonomic Assessment Tools

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Our Price: $99.00
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The Ergokit II has a larger capacity (200 or 500 lb) force gauge than the Ergokit I. In order to fit the larger force gauge into our unique case, we removed the hand grip and pinch grip dynomometers which are included in the Ergokit I. Also, the Ergokit I has a better designed foam cutout that has a place for everthing and keeps your tools organized and for doing a quick inventory of all equipment if you are loaning this case out to your fellow ergonomic and safety professionals. As part of an effective ergonomics program, you should properly assess risk before prioritizing or implementing safety and productivity improvement recommendations. Don't rely on guesswork: back up your recommendations with measurements and data to substantiate your funding requests.

This complete ErgoKit is designed to be portable and weighs approximately 29 lbs including the equipment case.

ErgoKit II Contents

  • Equipment Case - Custom fit Porter Case keeps all assessment tools organized in one place; everything is easy to locate in its place with the foam cutouts
  • Scale - Stainless Steel Digital (220 lb)weighs boxes and parts for NIOSH equation
  • Force Gauge - Shimpo FGV-HX 200 or 500 lb (includes handle) tests push/pull forces; substitute a 500 lb gauge at no additional cost
  • Shimpo Force Gauge Software
  • Nexus 7 Android Tablet by Google - for use with our Pocket Ergo - Internet Based Software that includes all the fundamental ergonomic assessment analysis tools. You can also download the optional CD version of the Advanced Ergonomics Manual to the tablet for reference as well.
  • 8" Goniometer
  • Force Gauge Pull Strap & Carabiners for Pull
  • Frequency Counter
  • Laser or Optical Tape Measure
  • Tape Measure
  • Flexible Tape Measure
  • Steel Ruler
  • Statistical Calculator
  • All-Purpose Universal Tool/Pliers
  • Compass
  • Stainless Steel Pen Light
  • ErgoPen & Clip Board

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

I obviously believe that the Ergokit is an essential piece of equipment for every Ergonomist like me. When we are at the job site we must have as many measurement tools as is feasible. The Ergokit makes it feasible to have a lot of measuring devices with you. If we don't have the device we need to measure a suspected risk, we tend to eyeball our analysis and say to management "I think this looks bad". As a profession we need to be very diligent about measuring force, posture, frequency, duration, etc and then using the appropriate risk assessment guidelines like NIOSH, Liberty Mutual Push/Pull, etc to back up our recommendations. Ergonomists who tell management "I think that is not ergonomic and you should spend money to fix it as a priority" without measuring the risk and presenting the prioritized analysis may be hurting the credibility of the profession of ergonomics. We should all measure when we assess and present our measurements. The Ergokit helps make it easy.

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ErgoKit II - Assessment Tools

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