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Foot Mouse - Slipper Mouse

item#: BLI100

The Footime Foot Mouse and Programmable Pedal with its ergonomic design can help people with hand, arm and shoulder stress or injury by allowing them to do all computer entries, including typing and surfing, by foot. It's a two-part input device: one part is for cursor control, and the other part is for mouse clicks and shortcuts.

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Hate that weak, piercing or numb feeling in your hands and arms? It not only hurts your body, it also affects your mood and productivity. Put your happy feet to work!

The growing reliance on computer and Internet use has resulted in an wide variety of injuries for individuals who perform daily, intensive computer work. The Footime Foot Mouse is perfect for people with carpal tunnel syndrome and other hand, arm, or shoulder difficulties caused by arthritis or stroke, etc. It reduces pain and boosts efficiency by adding a foot-controlled input, helping to avoid a lot of repetitive hand and eye movement.

The Footime Foot Mouse and Programmable Pedal is a two-part input device: the "slipper" that goes on your foot is for cursor control, and the pedal is for mouse clicks and shortcuts. The slipper-shaped cursor control is easy to use and super-efficient. With an elastic strap and velcro ends, the "slipper" can fit any size foot.

The two-level pedal design prevents the user from stepping on the wrong buttons. These buttons not only mimic all hand-mouse clicks, but they also allow people to program their own customized shortcuts- up to 10 shortcuts for each program. There are also preset popular shortcuts selected from widely-used programs that make it even more convenient to use.

When you're using the Foot Mouse, a pop-up window on the screen shows all button locations and their defined functions. The user can easily "see" and touch the buttons by foot. The mouse even enables people to type with their feet as they work with certain on-screen keyboard software! A little practice is all you need to operate efficiently and comfortably. Once you try it, you'll love it. This practical and versatile foot mouse is designed with professional needs in mind.

Check out this website for free on-screen keyboard software to try out typing with your feet.

Footime Foot Mouse Features:

  • Includes user-friendly Neuratron software, scroll roller, all mouse clicks, a double click button and a 15.5" W x 11" D mouse mat
  • Works independently or jointly with other hand mice or input devices
  • Compatible with Windows 98 to Vista and Mac OS X 10.3 and later
  • Requires USB Port
  • Offers optical mouse resolution at 800 DPI
  • Has brightly colored buttons for visability under desk or in the dark
  • Comes with a full warranty that covers 200,000 button clicks

Footime Foot Mouse Specifications:

  • Cable length: pedal cable-67" and slipper cable- 32"
  • Slipper dimension: 7.0" W x 4.25" D x 0.875" H
  • Button panel dimension: 12.5" W x 5.5" D x 2.0" H
  • Button dimension: 1.5" in diameter

Customer Reviews

Foot Mouse Slipper Mouse with Programmable Pedal
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
5 Stars

foot mouse
November 4, 2012
much easier to use than the old one I had.

5 Stars

Works well
June 7, 2009
I can't use my arms due to a car crash and this was my answer. Using my computer is now possible. I move the mouse slower than I used to but that's the only issue I'm having.

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