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Humanscale 500 & 550 Platinum Keyboard Trays

item#: HUS920

Humanscale 500 & 550 Platinum Keyboard Trays are designed to keep both a mouse and keyboard all on a single surface. Humanscale's 5G mechanism provides both negative tilt and elevation adjustment on an easy-to-use counterbalanced mechanism, making it ideal for workstations used by multiple people. An optional gel or foam palm rest can also be added to your Humanscale 500 Platinum Keyboard Tray and further enhance your typing experience by helping to support your wrists and minimize pronation. Humanscale 500 and Humanscale 550 keyboard trays can also be ordered in black or white to better match your workstation.

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Select from the standard 27 inch wide 500 board or the more compact 25 inch 550 board.

Humanscale 500 and 500 keyboard model comparison

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The mechanism is the arm that controls the in-and-out movement, the height range and the tilt angle of your keyboard platform. All of the Humanscale keyboard tray mechanisms offer independent height and tilt adjustment with varying levels of height adjustment and standard track lengths. The 5GV mechanisms are the most popular and suit a variety of workstation needs; they are strong and durable, easy to use and offer a good range of motion. The 5GSV offers the same functionality as the first two but for limited depth desks.

Humanscale 5G Keyboard Tray Mechanism

Humanscale 5GV Keyboard Tray Mechanism

  • Dial-a-tilt mechanism instantly adjusts the platform's tilt without the need to lock or loosen any knobs or levers
  • Solid build quality and simplicity make this mechanism the most popular accessory they offer

5GV Specifications

Height adjustment 6.25": 1.25" above track to 5" below track
Track length Comes standard with 22" track

Humanscale 5GSM Keyboard Tray Mechanism

Humanscale 5GSV Keyboard Tray Mechanism for Limited Depth Desks

  • For desks with limited depths or small spaces
  • Goes 4" farther underneath a desk surface, getting a keyboard tray stored out of the way on a shorter track

5GSV Specifications

Height adjustment 4": 0.5" above track to 3.5" below track
Track length Comes standard with 18" track

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Lateral Slider

All Humanscale mechanisms pivot 360 degrees from the point where it is mounted to the track. Some users have a need for additional side-to-side adjustability. The lateral slider provides for eight extra inches of movement from right to left. This is a useful feature for someone at a large workstation that requires them to type facing different angles or monitors.

Humanscale Keyboard Tray Lateral Slider

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Track Length

The track mounts to the underside of your work surface. It directs and supports the Humanscale mechanism and keyboard tray as it slides forward and back. Standard length on most mechanisms is 21 5/8 inches. That length ensures that the keyboard tray can be completely stowed under your desk when not in use. Some mechanisms come standard with a shorter or longer track. Consult each description for that information, but all systems can be ordered with any track length.

Track Lengths

Humanscale 500 & 550 Keyboard Tray tracks

  • 11"
  • 14"
  • 16"
  • 18"
  • 21.625"
  • 25"
  • 27"

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Palm Rest

Humanscale's palm rests are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses.

Palm rest lengths available for this tray: 20'' with 7'' mouse palm rest, 20'', 19'' with 7'' or 5'' mouse palm rest (slim thickness only), 19'' (slim thickness only)

Select one of the gel palm rest options for the 500 (27" wide) or 550 keyboard trays (25" wide total). For the 500 Big Board, you can select a split palm rest with one 20" section and one 7" long section, or a 20" palm rest for the 550 board. This feature comes in handy if a user doesn't want a palm rest in front of their mouse or keypad (pictured in main image above). All are covered with an easy to clean, silver synthetic leather.

For users with "slim" keyboards such as those made by Apple, a 19'' "slim" gel palm rest is available. Please note that this palm rest will not reach across the entire length of the tray, and will not fit flush against the keyboard tray corners like the 20'', 25'', and 27'' palm rests. The slim 19'' palm rests will sit roughly 5/8'' away from the closest corner when installed.

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Notebook and Tablet Stand

The UPLIFT Notebook and Tablet Stand will come in handy not only when you're traveling, but anytime you want to set your laptop or tablet in an ergonomic position. Choose from seven different height settings to keep your screen at eye-level, which helps you avoid problems like eye strain and neck and back pain. This item also works well as a document holder, allowing you to input data without having to move your neck repeatedly from document to screen. The stand is lightweight, easily portable, and best of all, it's free!

UPLIFT Travel Notebook and Table Stand

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UPLIFT Large Keyboard Tray
List Price: $249.00
Our Price: $179.00
Humanscale 500 Big & 550 Big Compact Keyboard Tray - Design Your Own
List Price: $390.00
Our Price: $254.00
Humanscale 500 & 550 White Keyboard Trays
List Price: $391.00
Our Price: $264.00

The Humanscale 500 Platinum Keyboard Tray and Humanscale 550 Platinum Keyboard Tray make it easy to keep your keyboard and mouse in a comfortable position while working. Fingertip-adjustable 5GV and 5GSV mechanisms provide height and tilt adjustment, reducing shoulder strain by placing your keyboard at just the right height and angle for multiple users. The addition of an optional palm rest further improves comfort by elevating your wrists and allowing your fingers to ''droop'' onto the keyboard in a relaxed posture, minimizing the pain associated with wrist pronation.

Features - Humanscale 500 & 550 Platinum Keyboard Trays

  • Extra large keyboard platforms accommodate both a keyboard and mouse on the same surface with built-in mousing surfaces
  • Sanitary 1/4'' thick phenolic construction provides extreme durability
  • 5GV and 5GSV mechanisms can be adjusted for height and negative tilt to fit most users and desks
  • Silver foam or gel palm supports elevate wrists into a natural position while typing

Humanscale 500 & 550 Platinum Keyboard Trays Specifications

Mechanism 5GV or 5GSV
Track lengths 11" - 27" for varying desk depths
Palm rests Available in foam or gel
Platform dimensions 500: 27" W x 10.625" D
550: 25" W x 10.625" D
Warranty 15 year warranty

Neutral Reach Zone Description

"The neutral reach zone is the area that can be conveniently reached with a sweep of the forearm while the upper arm hangs in a natural position at the side." (Sanders & McCormick, 1993)


Video Review - Humanscale Keyboard Tray Systems

Check out our video review of the Humanscale Keyboard Tray Systems below.

The Human Solution is an authorized Humanscale dealer

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

Keyboard trays like the Humanscale 500 & 550 Platinum Keyboard Trays help alleviate wrist and shoulder pain while typing by helping to keep your keyboard and mouse in your neutral reach zone. By bringing your keyboard and mouse closer to you, your upper arms are able to hang naturally at your side, reducing the amount of stretching necessary to reach your keyboard and minimizing stress. Using the 5G mechanism to add negative tilt to your keyboard while supporting your wrists with a palm rest will also help keep your wrists straight rather than flexed backwards, causing wrist pronation. Once properly adjusted, these keyboard trays will allow for the back, shoulders and wrists to relax, making it a critical component for any ergonomic workstation.

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Humanscale 500 & 550 Platinum Keyboard Trays

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