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Humanscale Float Table - Solid Wood Top

item#: HUS611

The Humanscale Float Table - Solid Wood Top combines the electricity-free counterbalanced height adjustment and sleek, modern design of the popular Float Table with a beautiful real wood desktop. The sturdy steel and aluminum base and quick and easy pneumatic adjustment allow you to raise and lower the solid wood desktop from a sitting to standing position almost instantly, and the heavy duty height adjustment mechanism can easily support your solid wood desktop along with your computer and accessories. Both elegant and functional, the Humanscale Float Table - Solid Wood Top gives you all the benefits of a fully adjustable sit-to-stand desk without sacrificing style.

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Humanscale Float Tables with a wood top are available in the following standard sizes. Call us at 800-531-3746 for a quote on a custom size wood desktop.

  • 48'' x 24''
  • 48'' x 30''
  • 60'' x 24''
  • 60'' x 30''
  • 72'' x 24''
  • 72'' x 30''
  • 80'' x 24''
  • 80'' x 30''

The following Solid Wood and Texas Native Wood stocks are available on the Humanscale Float Table. All solid woods will use filler of various colors to fill in knots, bug-holes and imperfections in the wood. The filler is usually black, but other colors may be used at our woodworker's discretion.

Please note: Certain woods can look lighter when they are new, but will darken over time. Cherry and walnut are especially prone to these natural variations. We would be happy to provide additional information or images, when possible. Give us a call if you'd like more detailed information: 800-531-3746.

Humanscale Float Table - Solid Wood Top wood options

The weight capacity on your Humanscale Float Table is 160 lbs. with the included heavy duty kit, but the weight you can put on your desktop will depend on the size and wood you choose. These are thick, real solid wood desktops and can affect your remaining desktop weight capacity. See our charts below for how much each desktop weighs on average and the capacity that remains when you factor in desktop weight.

Cedar desktop Desktop weight Weight capacity left
48'' x 24'' 36 lbs 124 lbs
48'' x 30'' 44 lbs 116 lbs
60'' x 24'' 44 lbs 116 lbs
60'' x 30'' 55 lbs 105 lbs
72'' x 24'' 53 lbs 107 lbs
72'' x 30'' 66 lbs 94 lbs
80'' x 24'' 59 lbs 101 lbs
80'' x 30'' 74 lbs 86 lbs
Knotty Alder desktop Desktop weight Weight capacity left
48'' x 24'' 32 lbs 128 lbs
48'' x 30'' 40 lbs 120 lbs
60'' x 24'' 40 lbs 120 lbs
60'' x 30'' 50 lbs 110 lbs
72'' x 24'' 48 lbs 112 lbs
72'' x 30'' 60 lbs 100 lbs
80'' x 24'' 54 lbs 106 lbs
80'' x 30'' 67 lbs 93 lbs

Cherry desktop Desktop weight Weight capacity left
48'' x 24'' 43 lbs 117 lbs
48'' x 30'' 53 lbs 107 lbs
60'' x 24'' 53 lbs 107 lbs
60'' x 30'' 67 lbs 93 lbs
72'' x 24'' 64 lbs 96 lbs
72'' x 30'' 80 lbs 80 lbs
80'' x 24'' 71 lbs 89 lbs
80'' x 30'' 89 lbs 71 lbs
Walnut desktop Desktop weight Weight capacity left
48'' x 24'' 45 lbs 115 lbs
48'' x 30'' 56 lbs 104 lbs
60'' x 24'' 56 lbs 104 lbs
60'' x 30'' 70 lbs 90 lbs
72'' x 24'' 68 lbs 92 lbs
72'' x 30'' 84 lbs 76 lbs
80'' x 24'' 75 lbs 85 lbs
80'' x 30'' 94 lbs 66 lbs

Premium Bamboo desktop Desktop weight Weight capacity left
48'' x 24'' 49 lbs 111 lbs
48'' x 30'' 61 lbs 99 lbs
60'' x 24'' 61 lbs 99 lbs
60'' x 30'' 77 lbs 83 lbs
72'' x 24'' 74 lbs 86 lbs
72'' x 30'' 92 lbs 68 lbs
80'' x 24'' 82 lbs 78 lbs
80'' x 30'' 102 lbs 58 lbs
Sipo Mahogany desktop Desktop weight Weight capacity left
48'' x 24'' 48 lbs 112 lbs
48'' x 30'' 60 lbs 100 lbs
60'' x 24'' 60 lbs 100 lbs
60'' x 30'' 75 lbs 85 lbs
72'' x 24'' 72 lbs 88 lbs
72'' x 30'' 90 lbs 70 lbs
80'' x 24'' 80 lbs 80 lbs
80'' x 30'' 100 lbs 60 lbs

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Desktop Edge

Cedar Native Wood desktops are available with three different shape options -- Square, Bark Line Front and Square Back, and Bark Line Front and Back. All other Solid Wood desktops are only available Square.

Humanscale Float Table - Solid Wood Top bark line edge detail options

Sides are always square, corners are never sharp, and corner and edge details are as shown in the photos below.

Humanscale Float Table - Solid Wood Top edge options


If you want a more consistent surface with less filler, select a Square shape. Desks with a straight edge have fewer desk edge imperfections because we cut away the character that exists near the bark of a tree.

Bark Line

If you choose the Bark Line shape, you will notice that your desktop may have more character towards the outer edge. The Cedar wood barkline is fairly uniform so you will see wood grain and bark contours.

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Base Color

The Humanscale Float Table comes in three available base colors: Black, Silver or White.

Humanscale Float Table base options

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Counterbalance Crank

The crank which counterbalances the desktop weight on your Humanscale Float Table can come mounted permanently or is also available removable.

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Optional Keyboard Tray

An ergonomic keyboard tray is an excellent accessory for your height adjustable desk, and the Humanscale Float Keyboard Tray has been specifically designed for use with the Float Table. Its specially-designed platform, track and mechanism allow for full storage under your Float Table's desktop, with either a 24'' or 30'' deep desktop. The streamlined mechanism design features the standard 15° of negative tilt found in all Humanscale mechanisms, but removes the independent height adjustment from the keyboard tray mechanism, instead allowing you to use your Float Table's height adjustment capabilities to adjust your keyboard tray. The Float Keyboard Tray comes in black or white, and also lets you choose between foam, gel or slim gel palm rest.

  • HUS403~B~F: Black with black foam palm rest
  • HUS403~B~G: Black with black gel palm rest
  • HUS403~B~S: Black with black slim gel palm rest
  • HUS403~W~F: White with gray foam palm rest
  • HUS403~W~G: White with gray gel palm rest
  • HUS403~W~S: White with gray slim gel palm rest

Humanscale Float Keyboard Tray

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    All desks ship for free to both commercial locations and residences in the lower 48 states of the US. We don't spring any hidden shipping costs on you during the checkout process. Just place your order, and we'll contact you to arrange the free shipping method that will work best for you.

  • Room of Choice Delivery ($199)

    If you need us to bring your shipment into a specific room of your business or residence, just choose this option and we'll have your desk delivered where you need it.

  • Room of Choice Delivery with Desk Installation ($539)

    If you need the desk both delivered into a specific room and put together, choose this option and we can arrange for assembly as well. Desk installation services are not available in California.

  • Canadian Shipping ($249)

    We deliver most desk orders to Canada for a flat rate. If for some reason this flat rate does not apply to your order, we will contact you to approve any shipping charge adjustments before proceeding.

  • Alaska, Hawaii and International Shipping (Will Contact with Pricing)

    Our desks can ship to any commercial or residential location outside the lower 48 US states as well. If you are in Alaska, Hawaii, or any international location, choose this option, and we can calculate your shipping cost and contact you for approval. Please note that duties, brokerage fees and taxes will apply to international orders. One less expensive alternative is to purchase just an UPLIFT Desk base that can ship within a business day via UPS ground, and source your desktop locally.

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Free Live Ergonomic Training Webinar - Humanscale Float Table

This chair purchase includes a Live Half-Hour Online Seminar with an ergonomic pro. This webinar will help you learn how best to use ergonomic tools and make the right choices for your workstation. Anyone interested in building an ideal workspace for their own unique needs should take advantage of this offer. The webinar will cover valuable ergonomic essentials such as:

Free Webinar Training

  • Understanding the biomechanics of sitting
  • Setting up a workstation to maximize efficiency
  • Adjusting a chair to promote neutral posture
  • Learning exercises to reduce stress and fatigue

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Notebook and Tablet Stand

The Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook and Tablet Stand will come in handy not only when you're traveling, but anytime you want to set your laptop or tablet in an ergonomic position. Choose from seven different height settings to keep your screen at eye-level, which helps you avoid problems like eye strain and neck and back pain. This item also works well as a document holder, allowing you to input data without having to move your neck repeatedly from document to screen. The stand is lightweight and easily portable, yet strong enough to support laptops up to 17'' in length. Best of all, it's free!

Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook and Table Stand

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  • Accessories

The Humanscale Float Table - Solid Wood Top features the same great pneumatic base as the popular Humanscale Float Desk, but with a beautifully hand-crafted wood top made from unique source materials. Made to order by a local woodworker here in our hometown of Austin, Texas, these thick, real wood tops look great when paired with the modern, streamlined look of the Float base. With a heavy duty kit included to give your desk base 160 lbs. of lifting capacity, it's a breeze to lift this real wood Float Table from sitting to standing quickly, allowing you to frequently change your working position and access the health and energy level benefits that come with using a height-adjustable desk. Available in a range of woods, from native Texan cedar to breathtaking bamboo, the Humanscale Float Desk and a solid wood top combine for the perfect mix of aesthetics, functionality, and long-term health.

Features - Humanscale Float Table - Solid Wood Top

  • 20" of near-effortless height adjustment via counterbalanced pneumatic desk base
  • Real solid wood desktop handmade to order and available in Cedar, Cherry, Alder, Walnut or Premium Bamboo
  • Sleek desk base design requires no electricity, and its lower-crossbar-free frame frees up leg space
  • Flaot desk base features 160 lbs. of weight capacity with the included heavy duty kit
  • Unique counterbalance mechanism can be adjusted to fit desktop weight and weight of computer and all accessories via a removable or mounted crank
  • Sturdy steel and aluminum Float Table base construction meets BIFMA load and capacity requirements

Humanscale Float Table - Solid Wood Top Specifications

Height range including desktop thickness 28" to 48" H
Base weight capacity (including desktop) 160 lbs (with included heavy duty kit)
Desktop weight Cedar: 4.4 lbs/sq ft
Alder: 4 lbs/sq ft
Cherry: 5.3 lbs/sq ft
Walnut: 5.6 lbs/sq ft
Bamboo: 6.1 lbs/sq ft
Mahogany: 6 lbs/sq ft
Float Table base warranty 5 years

Video - Humanscale Float Table

The Human Solution is an authorized Humanscale dealer

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

The Humanscale Float Table - Solid Wood Top is the ideal solution for users who want a gorgeous, top-of-the-line sit-stand desk, but either don't have access to an electrical outlet or specifically need manual adjustment. The Float Table's counterbalance mechanism lets you account for both the weight of the solid wood desktop as well as your desktop accessories, giving you quick and safe counterbalanced adjustment from sitting to standing. An improperly counterbalanced manual desk will make it harder to adjust, but the Humanscale Float Table - Solid Wood Top features an easy-to-use counterbalance crank, which can come permanently mounted or removable, to ensure proper weight distribution according to your desktop weight and what's on top of it.

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