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iPad and Tablet Arms

Why invest in an iPad or Tablet Arm? Much like using a laptop, using an iPad or tablet involves contorting the body into inherently unergonomic work positions. The screens are small, requiring one to crane his or her neck and bend the hand and wrist. iPads and tablets are an increasingly common part of our workspaces, however, so this previously unexplored area of ergonomics is demanding more attention as their popularity grows. Fortunately, The Human Solution offers a full line of iPad and Tablet Arms that allow you to mount your device to your desk, giving you a full range of adjustment so you can position and reposition it as you see fit.


Video Review - Innovative Secure iPad Holder

Watch our video to see the Innovative Secure iPad Holder with EVO Pole Arm Mount in action! The Innovative Secure iPad Holder can be purchased by itself, or with a variety of mounting options. Be sure to visit our other pages, including the Innovative Secure iPad Holder with Wall Mount and the Innovative Secure iPad Holder with Through-Counter Mount.