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Kinesis Ergonomics

Kinesis keyboards, accessories and foot switches help to relieve the repetitive stress issues associated with traditional keyboard and mouse use. Split keyboards like the Kinesis Freestyle2 and the Kinesis Maxim allow the user to split the keyboard at the width that's right for you. For Freestyle2 users, we suggest pairing it up with a tenting accessory like the VIP3 or the Ascent for increased ergonomic comfort. For a design fitted even more to the way your wrists and hands work, check out the Advantage Contoured Keyboard, with its natural shape and concave keys which contour to the different lengths of your fingers.

Kinesis also carries foot switches like the Savant Elite or the Advantage Keyboard Foot Switch which emulate mouse and keyboard actions, thus minimizing key strokes and increasing productivity. Another useful accessory for users that need to make quick calculations is the Kinesis Low-Force Numeric Keypad, since Kinesis keyboards reduce footprint and reach by eliminating the numeric keypad from their design. We keep most Kinesis products in stock for same-day or next-day shipment, so order today and start reaping the benefits of a Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard.

Special offer! Kinesis Corporation, in conjunction with The Human Solution, is offering a free sample kit of their popular Freestyle2 ergonomic keyboard and selected accessories to qualifying organizations and consultants in the US. To learn more click here.

Kinesis Freestyle2 Adjustable Split Keyboard for PC

Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac

Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue, Multichannel Bluetooth Keyboard for PC

Kinesis Freestyle2 Blue, Multichannel Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac

Kinesis Maxim Split Adjustable Keyboard

Kinesis Advantage2 Contoured USB Keyboard for PC and MAC

Kinesis Advantage2 QD Contoured USB Keyboard with Dual QWERTY/DVORAK Legend for PC and MAC

Kinesis Advantage2 LF Contoured Linear Feel USB Keyboard for PC and MAC

Kinesis Advantage2 Silver Contoured USB Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle2 Numeric Keypad for PC

Kinesis Low-Force Numeric Keypad

VIP3 Accessory Option for the Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard

V3 Accessory Kit for the Kinesis Freestyle

Ascent Multi-Tent Accessory for the Kinesis Freestyle

Kinesis Savant Elite and Elite2 Programmable Foot Switch

Kinesis Advantage Contoured Keyboard Programmable Foot Switch