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Kinesis Advantage Contoured USB Keyboard for PC and MAC

item#: KIN500
Kinesis Advantage Contoured USB Keyboard for PC and MAC sets a new standard for keyboards. This ergonomic keyboard has unique contours and delivers additional features not found on other USB keyboards, including the ability to switch between the traditional QWERTY layout and the newer DVORAK layout. The standard Advantage keyboard also comes in upgraded versions including Advantage with dual QWERTY/DVORAK legends and the Advantage Pro. Scroll down to see more Kinesis Advantage keyboard details and specifications.Read More...
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The Kinesis Advantage Keyboard is available in black.

Kinesis Advantage Black BLK

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Numeric Keypad

Use the Kinesis Low-Force Numeric Keypad for quick and easy data entry. Featuring the same low-force keys as the Kinesis Advantage Keyboard, as well as four hot keys and two USB ports, this is a handy addition to your workstation.

Kinesis Keypad

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Foot Switch

Kinesis foot switches for the Advantage Contoured Keyboard come in either single action or triple action models.

  • Single Action Foot Switch [FS007RJ11] - For most users, this premium, elegant pedal provides more comfort than the outer pedals of the triple action model. The pedal is front-hinged with a textured surface, and can work with any model of Kinesis contoured keyboard. If the user desires, a self-adhesive hook-and-loop tab is included to anchor the foot pedal to the floor.
  • Triple Action Foot Switch [FS006TAF] - The triple action pedal is the best and most efficient way of taking advantage of your Kinesis Advantage Contoured Keyboard's foot input options. It can be configured to perform any user-defined macro or keystroke.

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Free Ergonomic Mouse Pad

This Humanscale Ergonomic Mouse Pad provides both a smooth, soft mousing surface and puts a great ergonomic workstation reference right at your fingertips. Purchase the Kinesis Advantage Contoured USB Keyboard for PC and MAC and receive an ergonomic mouse pad, absolutely free!

With this mouse pad, the keys to ergonomic comfort are close at hand

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Kinesis Advantage Contoured USB Keyboard with Dual QWERTY/DVORAK Legend for PC and MAC
List Price: $320.00
Our Price: $290.00
Kinesis Advantage Pro Contoured USB Keyboard
List Price: $350.00
Our Price: $320.00
Kinesis Low-Force Numeric Keypad
List Price: $59.95
Our Price: $54.00
  • Details

The Kinesis Contoured Advantage Ergonomic Keyboard's unique design is based on more than two years of research and was designed to reduce the known factors that cause repetitive stress injuries. Have you tried all the other keyboards and find that none of them relieve your discomfort? Then maybe the Kinesis Advantage Contoured Keyboard is for you.

The Kinesis Advantage is designed to be more comfortable than other keyboards in several different ways. The Kinesis Advantage's unique shape reduces the force and stressful positioning that contribute to discomfort and slow productivity. Since its introduction in 1992, the Kinesis Contoured keyboard has undergone extensive independent testing and has proven superior in both comfort and productivity.

This standard Advantage model can be switched to a DVORAK layout, but it has only a QWERTY legend. If you need both, consider the Advantage with dual QWERTY/DVORAK legends, or for more memory and features, check out the Advantage Pro.

Kinesis Advantage Features

  • Concave key wells reduce hand and finger extension to better accommodate the different lengths of your fingers: extension occurs when the joints in your fingers curl up and extend forward from your hands, rather than relaxing down slightly in the direction of the palms
  • Low-force mechanical switches for comfortable typing
  • Vertical key layout arranges keys in vertical columns to reflect the natural motions of your fingers, and the keypads are sculpted and concave to fit the varying lengths of your fingers
  • Design provides looser placement of function keys to the alphanumeric keys, so your fingers don't have to stretch as far to use them
  • Integral palm support enhances comfort and reduces extension of the wrists
  • Embedded 10 key layout eliminates the need to stretch your arm out to reach your keypad
  • Programmable - you can remap any or all of the keys!
  • The Advantage keyboard is compatible with the Kinesis Numeric keypad for those who prefer a separate numerical keypad
  • Smaller footprint allows you to place your mouse closer to your keyboard, making it easier to work in your neutral zone and reduce any shoulder pain

The Advantage keyboard ships with the standard Windows layout, but you can easily change the configuration to a Mac or non-Windows PC layout. Click on the links below to see the three different configuration options:

Color Options

Kinesis Advantage Black BLK

Technical Specifications

  • No special drivers needed
  • Separate thumb keypads for frequently used keys including: enter, backspace, delete and combination keys control, alt and command (PC) or option (Mac) to reduce stress on the little finger
  • Separate key wells for each hand minimizes strain and stretching by placing your arms at approximately shoulder width, keeping your wrists straight to reduce abduction and ulnar deviation which can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis
  • Twenty degree, lateral-tilt design places your hands so that your thumbs are approximately 20 degrees higher than your pinky fingers to minimize pronation and/or static muscle tension
  • Low force, tactile key switches (45 grams) provide both tactile and audible feedback with their long travel (4 mm) with activation at approximately 2 mm to reduce the jarring impact of "hitting bottom"
  • Select 24, 36, or 48 macros (56, 38, or 28 characters long, respectively)
  • Optional Kinesis or other foot pedals can be used with this keyboard
  • Dimensions: 2.9" H x 16.5" W x 8" D; 6' USB cord length
  • Warranty: Limited 2 year

Video Review - Kinesis Advantage Contoured Keyboard

Watch as Shannon demonstrates how the Kinesis Advantage Contoured Keyboard works!

Customer Reviews

Kinesis Advantage Contoured USB Keyboard for PC and MAC
5 Stars based on 21 Review(s)
5 Stars

Great Product!
December 26, 2013
I bought this keyboard hoping that it would help resolve the chronic tendonitis in my arm/wrist. The low force switches/keys as well as the ergonomic design have been very effective in doing so. I highly recommend this product... I am very thankful to Kinesis for this product. It admittedly looks very different but don't let that distract you from purchasing this well designed/built product.

5 Stars

It's the best!
December 8, 2013
I bought a Kinesis contour keyboard many many years ago. When it gave me trouble I sent it back for a rebuild. When my newer computers did not have a PS/2 port, I used an adapter. The Kinesis kept going. Now I work in two locations, so I bought a second Kinesis keyboard so I don't have to carry one with me. The new one has a better feel than the old one, which I thought was perfect. I use my computer about 15-16 hours a day - for work, personal business, social life and entertainment. My hands and wrists 10 years ago were inflamed and painful. They improved noticeably within two weeks after I started using the Kinesis. Now my hands and wrists are in good shape, thanks to the Kinesis keyboard. Other keyboards make you move your hand a lot, stretch your fingers into awkward positions, and twist your wrists. Even other so-called ergonomic keyboards are simply not ergonomic! The Kinesis is really shaped to fit the hand, and the special keys are placed where you can reach them with the least amount of stress on the fingers and hands. The thumb works harder than the pinky - which is good - because it is a much stronger muscle. All in all, Kinesis designed this to be as ergonomic as a keyboard can be. It took me less than a week to be typing at normal speed, but then, as I said, I was working 15 hours a day. Also, I knew the minute I put my hands on it, that the effort to get used to it would pay off. If there is one thing I wish for, it would be a good (Apple-quality) touchpad in the center of the keyboard. I bought an ergonomic mouse which sits to the right of the keyboard. it's still less arm travel than with any other keyboard to move my hand from the keyboard to the mouse, but if it could be in the center, between my hands, it would be even better. I haven't tried foot pedals and I don't need programable keys - I just like a keyboard that minimizes the stress on my hands for typing.

M. Johnston
5 Stars

My second Kinesis
April 22, 2012
This was an upgrade for me from an older model Kinesis that has a PS/2 connector and won't work on the new work laptop. It's a great keyboard. I got the single foot switch also, but have not found as much use for it as I had hoped. Another strange thing, the new kb only works on 1 of the 5 USB ports on the laptop; I'm have not tried very hard to figure out why that happens. The Human Solution was easy to work with and I'd be happy to get another Kinesis from them when USB plugs go obsolete.

5 Stars

Give it some will grow on you
March 4, 2012
Took me ~3 weeks to become accustomed to the keyboard. Would like to see an integrated touchpad in the middle - as this is wasted space in my opinion. I use it to hold my phone on a rubberized mat, but would prefer a touch pad to reduce hand travel to the trackball. Aside from that, I really like this keyboard. Just give yourself a few weeks to retrain your natural tendency to move the hands left and right while typing.

5 Stars

March 1, 2012
Almost magic... I have always been a slow touch typist... with this keyboard within 3 days I was typing faster and more accurately than I ever have. My arms, fingers, and wrists never tire or have pain now. My posture sitting in front of the keyboard was immediately better. A lot of folks say it takes a lot of time to adjust to... for me it was almost instantly... the keyboard seemed like an old friend. Only complaint is that the 2 USB port are too close together and angled is such a way as to make the use of both at the same time not practical. Neal Kellner CM TRAVEL 4FUN

3 Stars

Won't work with new Mac Operating System
November 2, 2011
I'm very pleased with my keyboard and would be using it for years to come, but it won't work with the new Mac I bought. I called Kinesis and they suggested all kinds of adapters for the keyboard (since it had a p2 plug). But although it has worked on my old PC, I can't get it to work with a Mac. Upon calling Apple, I've learned that the new upgrade in the operating system is incompatible with certain keyboards. :( .. So I'm at a loss to find an ergonomic keyboard that will with my new system.

Michael C. Bell
4 Stars

Kinesis Advantage Keyboard
October 12, 2011
I've had a couple of months to adjust to this keyboard now. After a couple of weeks, I was very close to sending it back, just because I didn't like adjusting to the layout. It was all of those reviews from other people that caused me to hang in there and I'm glad that I did. Sure, I was able to adjust somewhat in a few days, but it really did take two to three weeks to get back up to full speed and get where I actually enjoyed the keyboard. Just a warning: Be prepared for some aggravation in the beginning. I can't tell you how many times I typed a 'q' instead of an 'a' at first. And the space key vs the back space key was awful for awhile. I only have a couple of minor gripes about the keyboard. The key click sound is too noisy. It reminds me of the old IBM keyboards with the curly cords. You really hear the clicks when typing on this keyboard. I have a MS Natural keyboard, that is much better in that regard. I have "finally" gotten used to the placement of the cntl key...that's just ok. I still don't like where the arrow keys are. The biggest issue I have is the price. I believe the company would move a heck of a lot more units if they got it more around the $150 range. All in all, after the adjustment period, the keyboard is very comfortable, but I can't give it a full recommendation because of what I feel is an inflated price.

5 Stars

F keys
June 21, 2011
It would be better if the function keys use also Cherry MX.

4 Stars

very good
October 25, 2010
This keyboard was a good buy. It took no time to set up; I plugged it into my Windows computer and it worked. The shape of the keyboard feels very comfortable. Switching between Dvorak and QWERTY is easy. It takes some time to adjust to it, but that's expected. The only real drawback is that it moves a few of the keys to places that are inconvenient for software developers who use dvorak; however, the keyboard allows you to remap the keys and fix this problem.

5 Stars

Wonderful keyboard
August 28, 2010
MUCH less stressful for the fingers than a flat keyboard. Very customisable. Didn't take long to adapt. Highly recommended.

5 Stars

Kinesis USB Contoured Keyboard
March 5, 2010
I've used a Kinesis Ergonomic Contoured keyboard for almost 15 years (June 1995). This is my second one (February, 2010). It works just fine. It had some incorrect keycaps, which were promptly replaced by Kinesis. Originally, it took me two weeks, (with a typing tutor program) practicing for about 20-30 minutes, twice per day to adjust to the difference in the finger placement and reach - and the keys placed under the thumbs It was an immediate improvement over a standard keyboard - especially a sharp reduction in wrist strain. I first (actually) just tried out a life-sized picture image sent to me by Kinesis in response to my product inquiry (I saw their ad in Computer Shopper Magazine). As soon as I held my hands over the keypad well positions, my wrists straightened and relaxed a lot compared to holding them over a standard keyboard. That's all it took. Without even trying out a real keyboard my wrists convinced me that it was the right move - even for the high cost. The thumb keys are a true pleasure, I find them far more versatile than their counterparts on a standard keyboard. There's far less strain using these most common key functions (ctrl, alt, delete, space, enter, backspace, page up/down home/end - in this Kinesis placement. I have no interest whatsoever in using a standard keyboard. One word of warning. After adjusting to using the ergonomic key layout, it's next to impossible to use anyone else's standard keyboard. So if you have to use another computer, you'll be bringing your Kinesis with you. The finger-reaches are slightly different, enough that the finger movement training has been re-learned. When I use a standard keyboard after all this time, I can NOT (touch) type - I revert to a 2-finger (per hand) typist. Best wishes - respect the hands and wrists you NEED them.

Walker W.
5 Stars

Kinesis FTW
February 18, 2010
The Kinesis is a great keyboard. After using it for a while, you'll notice plenty of great things that set it apart from standard keyboards; for example, the key action on other keyboards now feels extremely clunky to me. The straight rows of keys are another awesome feature. If you're hesitant to go all-in, try to find one to borrow for a week or so, by the end of the week you'll know if it is right for you. As another bonus, Kinesis's customer support is excellent.

5 Stars

kinesis again
January 6, 2010
i used a kinesis many years ago and just now re-ordered one. i have to say that the keyboard is as good as i remember it, it took no time to get used to it again.... really the best keyboard on the market. once you use this thing for a while you'll be wondering why no other keyboards let your hands approach at a straight angle, let your fingers drop down so your hands can be straight, let you use your thumbs a lot (instead of using your pinkies a lot). this thing is arranged on a grid so your fingers don't have to angle.... etc etc this all adds up and makes a great difference in typing comfort! my only wonder is why, in the 10yrs since the kinesis advantage came out, no one has replicated their design. nothing else comes close.... i guess people are too conservative and afraid to try something as different as the kinesis advantage keyboard. for all you newbies out there, trust that it's well worth the adjustment period (30min of typing drills then a couple days to adjust if i remember)

Dr. M Moon
5 Stars

Kinesis Advantage Contoured Keyboard
December 18, 2009
I've been using this keyboard for about a month now. I had never used one like this. It did take some time to get used to it, but I type faster on this keyboard than I do on a regular one. My job requires me to sit and type 8 hours a day. Before I used this keyboard, I had regular carpal tunnel and tennis elbow problems. Now, I don't experience any pain at all.

Kem Mason
5 Stars

2nd one for work
October 26, 2009
I originally bought one of these while working at home, in order to help with an RSI injury I was starting to develop (Emacs Pinky) -- I recently started working in an office, and so I had to buy another because I couldn't give up the one from home -- my RSI is completely gone, and I type about 10% faster with this keyboard as well (I performed extensive typing tests before and after because one of the big concerns I had was that I wouldn't be able to type as fast with this keyboard -- or it would take me forever -- it only took about a week to get used to it -- although the beginning of that week was pretty tough, I couldn't type very fast at all for a couple days)

5 Stars

Kinisis Adv
October 12, 2009
This is a replacement for the same one that I have had for 10 years, it is a fantastic product. Keys wore out!!

5 Stars

I love my kinesis keyboard
September 2, 2009
This is the 2nd Kinesis keyboard I've bought. I originally bought the keyboard to help with an RSI problem called 'emacs pinky'. I tested my typing speed when I first got it, and after about 3 weeks of using it full time, I was typing about 10% faster (this first week was pretty rough, I almost stopped using it because it does have a bit of a learning curve -- but I'm so glad I didn't). I recently started working in an office, and rather than go without at home (going without at work is not an option), or carting it back and forth, I decided to buy a 2nd one. Highly recommended

5 Stars

August 23, 2009
This keyboard is incredible. Granted, there is a bit of a learning curve. However, it is totally worth the time. I am typing faster now than on a regular keyboard. A bit pricey but take the plunge and buy this one, you will love it.

Brian Donahue
4 Stars

Very Comfortable!
May 5, 2009
It took me a few days to feel like I was back close to my normal typing speed, and switching back to a traditional layout can take a minute to get situated, but overall I really like this keyboard.

5 Stars

What a relief
May 4, 2009
I'm using this keyboard with a vertical mouse, and the improvement in my wrists is remarkable. The keyboard takes a while to get used to, but after two weeks I'm back to my usual typing speed. In spite of the price, I ended up getting one for both home and the office, and it was well worth it.