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Neutral Posture NeXtep

item#: NPC301

The Neutral Posture NeXtep marks a significant improvement over a foot ring which is historically where the user rests their feet while siting in a tall chair. The NeXtep can be one step or a series of steps providing for both leg support and easy chair access. The NeXtep is available in three heights, with either locking casters or glides and supports up to 400lbs.

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Choose from a variety of different options to fit your needs:

You can choose single surface models ranging from 8'' to 12'' high, and can combine them with either glides for staying put, or locking casters for mobility.

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You can also choose to have a combo platform setup for easier access when entering or exiting the stool, and for more ergonomic positioning. You can pick from either a 8''/10'' or 10''/12'' combo, with or without casters.

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The NeXtep is also offered in a wide platform, giving you the most room on a single surface available in the series, in an 8'' or 10'' height.

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Neutral Posture 8000 Ergonomic Chair
List Price: $1,225.00
Our Price: $735.00
Neutral Posture NPS6000 Series High Back Ergonomic Chair
List Price: $1,275.00
Our Price: $765.00
Neutral Posture NPS5000 Series Mid Back Ergonomic Chair
List Price: $1,095.00
Our Price: $657.00

Adding a Nextep to your Neutral Posture chair provides the stability and comfort when entering or exiting a stool that a traditional foot rest cannot. It can hold up to 400 lbs, and comes with a limited-lifetime warranty, ensuring a long trouble free life. The wide surface leaves enough room for any user, and will work with any Neutral Posture stool.

Neutral Posture Features:

Neutral Posture NeXtep on NPS8610 chair

  • Wide and stable platform fully supports the feet
  • Provides for safe and comfortable entry and exit from tall chairs or stools
  • Supports up to 400lbs
  • Single platforms are depth adjustable
  • Available in 3 heights or in two step combinations
  • Can be rotated around the stool
  • Available with either locking casters that lock when you apply pressure or glides
Model* Specification
R7 8" with glides
R8 8" with casters
R9 10" with glides
R10 10" with casters
R11 12" with glides
R12 12" with casters
R17 R7/R9 combo
R18 R8/R10 combo
R21 R9/R11 combo
R22 R10/R12 combo

*The height of your chair cylinder may limit your options

Neutral Posture cannot confirm that the Nextep will work with other stools nor can we warranty them on non Neutral Posture stools. Additionally, installation of the Nextep on non Neutral Posture stools could void stool manufacturer’s warranty.

Please Note -- The Nextep should only be used on stools that meet the current BIFMA tip test standards which were put in place in 2013.

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Neutral Posture NeXtep

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