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Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wireless Large

item#: POR006

The Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wireless Large gives your hand relief from the tendon-wrenching clamp grip that can cause fatigue, repetitive strain injuries and carpal tunnel, and transitions you to a more ergonomically-correct sideways alignment. Its contoured design provides a resting area for your thumb and index finger; intuitive left and right-click mean there is a minimal learning curve. Prevent long-term damage to your hand and shoulder with this handsome tuxedoed wireless vertical mouse. The Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wireless Large is available in wired and wireless versions, and in small, medium, and large sizes. See below for more information.

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We have a small quantity of refurbished Penguin mice that are available at a reduced price. These mice are open-box items that have been returned to us or used in our showroom, and were tested to ensure they are in like-new working condition.

Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wireless Medium
List Price: $99.00
Our Price: $89.00
Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wired Large
List Price: $79.00
Our Price: $69.00

Experience the relief that only a natural mousing grip can offer, by switching to the Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wireless Large. The Penguin Mouse is easy to set up and offers precision mousing with laser tracking and variable DPI settings. With USB compatibility for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems, it's ready to go right out of the box. Unlike most ergonomic mice, the Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wireless Large can be used by either left-handed or right-handed users, making it an excellent option for shared computers or for users interested in ambidextrous mousing.

Features - Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wireless Large

  • Naturally comfortable vertical alignment encourages more ergonomic operating position
  • Ambidextrous design with central "bow-tie" switch allows for transition between left and right-handed operation
  • Symmetrical base enables user to rest either hand alongside vertical structure, encouraging use of larger forearm and upper arm muscles to maneuver mouse, with precision finer movements performed by hand or finger muscles
  • Easy and precise scroll wheel for fast and accurate document scrolling (also includes auto-scroll feature)
  • Performance laser tracking with variable DPI settings (400, 600, 800, 1600) allows flexibility for different types of applications
  • Plug and Play USB 2.0 compatability for Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Available in wireless or wired versions, with small or standard sizes:
Small Wired Wireless
Medium Wired Wireless
Large Wired Wireless

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

The traditional mouse is quickly becoming a thing of the past, thanks to improved research on the mechanics of the muscles leading from your hands to your wrist, all the way to the shoulders. As it turns out, gripping a mouse is an unnatural motion, one that can lead to a variety of strain injuries, especially when compounded over long periods of time. A vertical mouse such as Posturite's Penguin Mouse has been designed to reduce such fatigue. If you've been experiencing any kind of hand, wrist or arm pain, try one for yourself and you'll be amazed at the amount of relief you experience.

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Customer Reviews

Penguin Vertical Mouse - Wireless Large
4.5 Stars based on 6 Review(s)
Memphis, TN
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Overall good, buttons are slow
July 8, 2015
Great mouse, I'm just use to buttons that click faster. It's difficult to double and triple click. I would give it five starts if the buttons were more responsive.
Comfortable Fits my hand well
Slow buttons

5 Stars

Penguin wireless mouse
August 26, 2014
I like the fact the mouse is wireless and switchable between left and right hands. It holds its charge for a long time- only charged it once and have been using it for several weeks. I rate it 4 stars due to every once in a while the cursor jumps to the top of the page; or the connection is lost with the computer so you have to turn it off and on. I do graphic work all day on the computer and the mouse is great.

5 Stars

January 7, 2013
I really love the Penguin ergo mouse. I acclimated to its unique design rather quickly, and appreciate the USB cord re-charging, no messing with popping batteries in and out! Although I am right handed, I have always preferred to use a mouse with my left hand, but in recent months I was experiencing a fair amount of discomfort with my left hand. Switching to the Penguin that discomfort initially lessened and now after using it for a few weeks my discomfort has disappeared.

RSI sufferer
3 Stars

Penguin mouse
December 7, 2012
The concept for this mouse is really good and I wished it worked for me. I thought I would find great comfort when using it but that didn't happen for me. I tried both the Large and Medium mouse. I have used other ergonomic mice in past and I do think this one is tops for design concept but it irritated my elbow too much to continue use. I think they need to tweak its design just a little more. I had troubles with using it for precise mouse movements. As well it did have an issue where the window would move up and down and the mouse pointer jumped occasionally making "clicking" things difficult. But this may have been caused by my finger hitting the scroll times I think I felt this happening. I ended up returning both though. I originally was looking to replace an older ergonomic mouse I had. I went again with buying the Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. This was what I was originally intending to replace but was having a hard time finding any for sale. Since it was very difficult to find one, it may not be an option for others. But to date this has been the best ergonomic mouse I have ever used. And I am on the computer for many hours a day since I do software development for a living. So I cannot afford to use a mouse that causes any irritation.

4 Stars

Penguin MOuse
September 28, 2012
Other than it having quirking moments every once in a while (microbursts of scrolling back and forth), it's the best ergonomic mouse I've owned.

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