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Contour Mouse

item#: CON101

The Contour Mouse is an excellent option if you're seeking a comfortable, ergonomic mouse. It is available in multiple sizes to fit all hands. The Contour Mouse was designed to virtually eliminate grip force, minimizing stress to the carpal tunnel region and reducing the likelihood of tendinitis.

We no longer offer this item.
The Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Right Hand Wireless Mouse VM4RW is a great replacement.

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Model - Contour Mouse

The Contour Mouse is available as for the left or the right hand.

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Size - Contour Mouse

The Contour Mouse is available in multiple sizes: small, medium, large and extra large (extra large only available for the right hand).

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The Contour Ergonomic Mouse's unique design came about after working with ten CAD/CAM engineers who were suffering from carpal tunnel pain. The final result took more than 18 months of research and 120 different molds before the designers were satisfied. The final design allowed all the injured engineers to work in comfort for an eight hour day.

Features - Contour Mouse

  • Multiple sizes are available to fit any hand size and provide correct shaping. This virtually eliminates the need to grip your mouse forcefully to navigate like you would with a traditional mouse. Because the Contour mouse is sized perfectly for your hand, you escape the habit of pinching your mouse on the sides and curling your fingertips back to click on the buttons. This "pinching" action can aggravate the carpal tunnel and result in pain, carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis.
  • The pronounced hump on the top of the mouse supports your hand much like the orthopedic arch of a good athletic shoe supports your foot. This also promotes the straight alignment for your hand and wrist and keeps your palm off the work surface. Both serve to protect your hand and arm from stress injuries.
  • Elongated buttons let you use the second knuckle of your finger to click, which is much less stressful than the more typical mouse function where you curl your fingertips back to click mouse buttons.
  • The 17° pronation angle relieves pressure on the forearm bones while minimizing grip force. The design team considered more vertical designs in the development phase, but found that more grip force was required to click the buttons. They found that a 17° angle relative to the working surface to be the right balance, relieving pressure from crossing the forearm bones caused by true �palm down� devices.
  • Convenient, out of the box, �plug and play� connectivity for both PC and Mac computers. This HID compliant device has the drivers �on board� and simply needs to be plugged into any empty USB port, without the need for a cumbersome connection routine.
  • 800dpi precision optical tracking, twice the tracking precision of many other optical mice

Picking a Mouse Size

  • Small - for hands less than 6-3/4" or under 17 cm
  • Medium - for hands 6-3/4" to 7-1/2" or 17 to 19 cm
  • Large - for hands 7-1/2" to 8-1/4" or 19 to 21 cm
  • Extra Large (right-hand only) - for hands larger than 8-1/4" or 21 cm or greater

System Requirements

  • Supports both PS2 and USB (USB to PS/2 adapter included, although USB is recommended)
  • Works with the operating system's (OS) and built-in drivers on most ports
  • Drivers are provided with additional features
  • Linux OS supported by OS level driver on PC & Mac machines
  • Compatibility: Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and 7

Contour Ergonomic Mouse Image

Contour Mouse Hand Size Image

Customer Reviews

Contour Mouse
5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
3D Jack
Anchorage, Alaska
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Really good mouse
August 23, 2016
I have used the Contour mouse for several years and it is a really good mouse. With the software from Contour you can program the buttons which is the main reason I purchased the mouse. I have my buttons as the usual Pick, the Return/Enter and the far button is the PopUp or context sensitive button. I got tired of the constant double clicking that is required and by assigning the middle button to enter I no longer have to double click and risk injury or carpal tunnel. My main use is with AutoCAD and this helps me a lot. I believe you can set this up with the buttons different settings when using with different programs which could be a help for some. Also I just purchased a new mouse from Contour and the price is now $65 and they have made some improvements. Scroll wheel is much smoother. The one thing they have not improved is the ease of picking it up when you occasionally have to pick up and move on your mouse pad. Don't know if date will show with this comment but today is 8/23/2016.
Programmable buttons for different programs. Very comfortable fit for your hand.
Rare times when you need to pick up and move on the mouse pad there is no projection to allow the little finger to help lift it. Other than this it is a really good mouse that I really like.

5 Stars

great mouse
February 11, 2011
I have bought several of these for my office. Having the size option and the roller option is really great. They work for a greater number of people in my office.

5 Stars

The best mouse
July 30, 2010
The programmable buttons are very convenient. Having different sizes to choose from is great because you can get one that is just right for your hand. I would buy this mouse again.

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