Making the Big Change to an Adjustable Standing Desk? Here are Some FAQs!

Making the Big Change to an Adjustable Standing Desk? Here are Some FAQs!

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 5th 2013

There has been a lot of buzz about height adjustable standing desks and treadmill desks lately. We've noticed several blog posts on the subject of ergonomic desks trending on social media, and standing desks have even popped up on Duck Dynasty. We've gotten a lot of calls from people trying to find the best way to transform their office in a way that complements their particular aesthetic, space dimensions, and budget. Here are a handful of recurring questions and tips we'd like to share:

1. Common question: "Aesthetically, I love the look of my current desk because it has a wood top. The natural wood is important to me, and I think the laminate tops on adjustable stand desks are not ideal."

You might find our natural wood desk tops a great option for your height adjustable desk upgrade. We are the only source for this kind of Texas-made wood top standing desk, and we are very proud of how beautiful they look. We work with local woodworkers here in Austin, who designs desk tops to order using native Texas wood. These desks are stunning, and they'll bring an element of nature to your office.

2. Common question: "I really want a height adjustable desk, but my budget does not allow the full desk set up."

We offer a variety of adjustable standing desk bases that you can purchase separately, without a top. You can find your own desktop locally and save on cost and shipping charges. Right now, the UPLIFT 900 desks are the most affordable option on the market, and they are the newest and best quality as well.

3. "Why do I need a monitor arm? The desk just moves up and down, it will move with it!"

When you are sitting, the ergonomically correct eye level when viewing your monitor will be different from when you are standing. Your monitor should always be just below eye level, but there are different angles and positions that are more comfortable, depending on your sit-stand position. If you are going to be using a treadmill desk, it will be even more crucial to be able to move your monitors from one end of your desk to the other, as you go from walking to sitting. Monitor arms allow screen adjustments to be fast and easy, and they keep your monitor safe as well. They also saves you valuable space on your desktop!

4. "I have a very limited work space, and cannot fit a large desk into my cubicle at work."

There are pedestal desks available that are much more compact than our regular desk option. Budget friendly to boot, these desks come in a variety of sizes, shapes and pneumatic and electrical options.

5. "I purchased a keyboard tray, but now that I have my new desk, I see the keyboard tray does not fit!"

When you are looking to purchase a keyboard tray along with a desk, or if you're trying to check on whether your new desk will accommodate a current keyboard tray, we can help you figure out those logistics. They key is in looking at the distance, or depth, under the surface of your desk from front to back, and making sure you measure the space that is unencumbered by things like crossbars, or any other attachments. If you have limited space underneath your desk top due to a crossbar, have no fear. We can make recommendations for keyboard trays that have smaller tracks! If you have an existing keyboard tray, we may be able to find you a track that will work with what you have.

6. "I need an expansive desk space, and am afraid that if I switch to an adjustable desk, I'll have to downgrade to a smaller size for stability purposes."

We offer many different corner and L-shaped adjustable desk that can be customized to very large surface areas. These desks are built to handle substantial weight capacity, and some can be customized to be as large as seven feet wide on each side. You can even order L-shaped desk bases to go with a top of your choosing.

For further help with our many different options, and with your particular needs, you can use a handy tool on our website called the desk selector. Here you can enter your specific requirements and we will send you recommendations. It might seem like a tall order to re-vamp your workspace to integrate an adjustable height desk, but we are here to help you along the way to working in better health, so don't give up!

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