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UpLift Complete Exercise DeskUpLift Complete Exercise DeskUpLift Complete Exercise DeskUpLift Complete Exercise DeskUpLift Complete Exercise DeskUpLift Complete Exercise DeskUpLift Complete Exercise DeskUpLift Complete Exercise DeskUpLift Complete Exercise DeskUpLift Complete Exercise DeskUpLift Complete Exercise Desk
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  • UpLift Complete Exercise Desk
  • UpLift Complete Exercise Desk
  • UpLift Complete Exercise Desk
  • UpLift Complete Exercise Desk
  • UpLift Complete Exercise Desk
  • UpLift Complete Exercise Desk
  • UpLift Complete Exercise Desk
  • UpLift Complete Exercise Desk
  • UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

Item #: UPL900
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The UpLift Complete Exercise Desk is a total ergonomic desk solution for users looking to completely transform their work or home office into a full sit-to-stand desk and exercise workstation. An all-in-one solution to fighting the well-documented health issues associated with sitting all day, the Complete Exercise Desk includes:

  • --Electric height adjustable desk with casters
  • --Recumbent bike (or upgrade to upright bike or treadmill)
  • --Monitor arm
  • --Advanced wire management kit
  • --CPU holder
  • --Keyboard tray
  • --Optional ergonomic chair

Putting together all of the elements of a complete ergonomic sit-to-stand exercise desk can be a little overwhelming, and this UpLift Complete Desk puts all of the necessary components in one easy, money-saving package. The UpLift Complete Exercise Desk is the total package for those who want to sit, stand, bike or walk at work.

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UpLift desks have been recommended and featured by Lifehacker, the Los Angeles Times and KK.org!

Lifehacker top standing desks LA Times KK.org Cool Tools

The UpLift Complete Exercise Desk is the complete package. We start with our in-house UpLift 900 Electric Sit-Stand Laminate Top Desk paired with a recumbent bike, with the option to upgrade to an upright bike or LifeSpan Desk Treadmill TR1200-DT3 at an additional charge. The quick, quiet and sturdy desk base easily moves up and down at a rate of 1.5'' per second, for quick electric adjustment with the touch of a button. The included recumbent bike, which features a large LCD display with pulse, time and distance monitors, has eight levels of resistance and folds easily for storage. Or, choose to upgrade to the adjustable and manually resistant upright bike with large flywheel and flywheel brake. You also have the option of upgrading to a stand-alone Lifespan desk treadmill that features an easily-accessible, Bluetooth-ready console that calculates distance, time and step count, as well as calories burned. The treadmill also comes with a four-month trial membership in the LifeSpan Fitness Club, which helps establish goals and builds a workout calendar based on your exercise preferences and fitness level. The UpLift Complete Exercise Desk also allows you to add, at a deeply discounted price, your choice of one of our most popular ergonomic chairs in basic black: the all-mesh high-back Raynor Ergohuman ME7ERG with headrest, the Humanscale Freedom Chair with headrest, the Steelcase Leap Chair, or the Steelcase Amia.

Also included is your choice of the UpLift Large Keyboard Tray, with a keyboard platform wide enough for both your keyboard and mouse, or the UpLift Switch Keybord Tray, with separate surfaces for your mouse and keyboard. Both trays come with easy height and tilt adjustment, palm support, and the option to use the mouse on the left or right for relaxed, comfortable typing and mousing. We also add a monitor arm, featuring a desk mount bracket and extended arms which allow you to place your monitor at the right height, angle and distance, as well as an optional upgrade to the Innovative 7500 Wing Dual Monitor Arm for dual monitor users. We recommend the Innovative 7500 because it can easily swing the monitors in tandem from one side of the desk to the other, a handy feature for dual monitor users with a treadmill or bike next to a chair. Lastly, we include a CPU Holder and advanced wire management kit to organize your leg space and bike/treadmill space of unwanted wires and to keep your computer tower and cables safe and secure while operating your height adjustable desk. Sitting at a desk all day can shorten your life, and all of these components are essential parts of fighting this and the other related pain and health issues associated with being sedentary. Those looking for a total ergonomic workplace solution should look no further than the UpLift Complete Exercise Desk.

Our customers are saying...

  • ''Great customer service and an amazing desk!''
  • ''I am very happy with my UpLift. It is well made and high-quality. I have been using it for a few weeks now and am glad I found this company and product! They have better information, videos, and pictures than anyone else by far.''
  • ''I just received my desk yesterday and ergonomically, it's a great desk. It works perfectly. I assembled it with no problems because it came with good instructions.''

Features -
UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

  • Desk features quick and quiet electric motor adjustment, keypad control, durable laminate top in cherry, mahogany, maple or black finish, and a streamlined base design with discreet support beam
  • Included recumbent bike folds easily for storage and features eight levels of resistance, a large comfortable seat, and an LCD display that monitors pulse, time and distance; or opt instead for an upright bike or treadmill at an additional charge
  • Optional upright bike features adjustable seat and handlebars, manual resistance, casters, basket-cage foot pedals, a water bottle holder, and a large flywheel with flywheel brake; optional treadmill features large walking surface, six compression shocks, heavy-duty weight capacity, Intelli-Guard technology, and four-month LifeSpan Fitness Club trial, which tracks workout goals, progress and results
  • Tilting and rotating single monitor arm frees up desk space and reduces eye strain and neck pain, or upgrade to an Innovative 7500 Wing Dual Monitor Arm to adjust dual monitors in tandem from the bike/treadmill side to the chair side of your desk
  • CPU holder and advanced wire management kit reduce cable clutter and ensure that wires will remain organized as you move from sitting to standing/walking/biking position
  • Your choice of keyboard tray, either with a single wide surface for your keyboard and mouse or separate surfaces for each. Both keyboard trays include a lift-and-release mechanism for easy height adjustment
  • Desk is assembled in Austin, Texas, and parts are sourced both globally and within the USA

UpLift Complete Exercise Desk includes:

  • UpLift 900 standing desk with casters
  • Recumbent bike (with option to upgrade to treadmill or upright bike)
  • Keyboard tray
  • Monitor arm
  • CPU holder
  • Advanced wire management kit
  • Optional ergonomic chair
    • UpLift 900 Sit-Stand Desk Specifications

      Height range including desktop thickness 24.5" - 50.5"
      Desktop thickness 1" thick laminate
      Travel speed 1.5''/second (varies - slowest with maximum load) with soft start/stop actuator motors
      Weight capacity 335 lbs
      Memory Switch 4 programmable memory presets with digital desk height readout
      Adjustable foot leveling studs 3/8" adjustment for uneven flooring
      BIFMA/ANSI X5.5-2008 Certified Yes
      Warranty 5-year all-inclusive warranty on the entire desk base, which includes the motor, frame, controller, switch, electronics and mechanisms. Optional extended warranty available when selecting desk options

      LifeSpan Treadmill Specifications

      Dimensions 70'' L x 29'' W
      Belt dimensions 56'' L x 20'' W
      Weight capacity 350 lbs
      Treadmill speed 0.4 - 4 mph
      Motor 2.5 HP
      Warranty Lifetime on frame; 3 years on motor; 2 years on parts; 1 year on labor

Why is UpLift priced so low?
Many people ask us how we can afford to sell our high quality UpLift line of Height Adjustable Standing Desks and Accessories for such a low price. The answer is simple. With over 12 years experience in the standing desk industry, we have established industry-wide relationships with quality, cost-efficient component manufacturers. Our philosophy is to expand the standing desk to a wider audience by streamlining production - eliminating middle men - and building UpLift products in our plant. UpLift Desks are assembled in Austin, Texas, and parts are sourced both globally and locally. Enjoy our selection. We know you'll love UpLift products - we hope to see you back as a repeat customer!

Video Demonstration - The UpLift Desk

Local Austin musician and SXSW performer Zac Kellogg uses the UpLift Desk to write his music. Click the video below to hear why he thinks a height-adjustable desk is the best place to work.

Video Demonstration- UpLift 900 Electric Sit-Stand Desk

See our UpLift 900 Electric Sit-Stand Desk in action below.

Video Review - UpLift 900 Electric Sit-Stand Desk

Check out our video of the UpLift 900 Electric Sit-Stand Desk below.

Assembly Video - UpLift 900 Electric Sit-Stand Desk

Assembling an UpLift 900 Sit-Stand Desk is easy! See how to below.

Actual Desktop Surface Area Usage

See what percentage of your desktop surface area actually falls within your Optimal Reach Zone.

Check out how much of your desk is within your optimal reach zone

Desktop - UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

The UpLift Complete Exercise Desk is available with your choice of 72'' wide x 30'' deep or 80'' wide x 30'' deep top in a durable cherry, mahogany, maple, black or white laminate finish.

The white laminate top option is slightly thicker and made of 60 weight particle board finished with Wilsonart laminate and a matching white PVC T-mold edge.

UpLift 900 Electric Sit-Stand Desk laminate options

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Base Color - UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

The sturdy adjustable height base on your Complete UpLift desk is available in black*, silver or white.

*Please note that the up, down and memory keys on the keypad included with the black desk base operate as follows: The four memory keys allow the desk to move to one of four preset vertical positions with just one touch, meaning you do not have to hold down a numbered memory key to make an adjustment to a saved position. Please be sure there is adequate clearance above and below your desk, and check cord lengths to insure adequate length of all cords before adjusting the desk height using the memory keys. Or you can simply push and hold down one of the up/down keys until you reach your desired height, if you don't wish to use the preset memory keys.

UpLift Complete Exercise Desk base color options

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Bike or Treadmill - UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

Burn calories and improve your energy by biking or walking at work, the choice is yours! Choose the included a recumbent bike, or upgrade to an upright bike, or the LifeSpan TR1200-DT3 desk treadmill.

UpLift Complete Exercise Desk bikes and treadmill

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Monitor Arm - UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

The Complete Exercise Desk comes standard with a Budget Single Monitor Arm that allows you to elevate your VESA-compatible display off of your desk and easily move the monitor in the horizontal plane (in and out, side-to-side) by using your fingertips to move the monitor. To move the monitor vertically you need to adjust the vertical position of the arm where it mounts to the vertical pole at the back of your desk.

For users who want very easy adjustments, we recommend upgrading to the UpLift Monitor Arm. This stylish, heavy-duty monitor arm comes in black, and provides complete fingertip adjustment for height, depth and lateral movement. It supports monitors weighing up to 17.5 lbs. and has an adjustable counterbalance system that allows for fingertip vertical monitor adjustment. If you are looking for a dual monitor solution, there is the option to upgrade to two UpLift single arms.

UpLift desks go great with an UpLift monitor arm.

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Advanced Wire Management Kit - UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

The Advanced Wire Management Kit is a complete cable organization system for your height-adjustable desk. We developed this kit after years of desk installations. It's a proven way to easily manage all computer and electric desk cords. The kit includes the following:

  • Wire management tray - a large tray (3.6'' wide x 24'' long) attached to the bottom surface of your desktop that holds the included power strip along with any AC adapters or cord bundles. It is easy to add or remove items.
  • 6-outlet power strip - fits in the wire management tray and allows your monitor, computer, phone, desk lamp or other corded accessories to ride up/down with the desktop so you never run out of cord length when the desk is fully raised.
  • 10 self-adhesive cable mounts
  • 100 single use cable ties
  • 10 reusable cable ties
  • Desk-to-wall cable organizer - conceals the power strip and Ethernet cords going to your wall outlet in a single attractive wire management tube. It's very easy to add/remove wires from the tube with the included wire funnel tool.

Click the video below to get some helpful tips on making the most of your UpLift Advanced Wire Management Kit:

The Advanced Wire Management kit includes everything you need to organize your desk's cable clutter.

The included cable organization tray forms the crux of your wire management solution with a sleek, black design that seamlessly blends with your desk's design and mounts securely to the desktop with two self-tapping wood screws or a strip of included double-sided tape. At 3.6'' wide, this tray is wide enough to accommodate cords, power supplies and the included power strip, minimizing below-desk clutter.

The Advanced Wire Management kit includes a wire management tray.

10 self-adhesive wire mounts and 100 single-use cable ties allow for cables to be bundled and pulled taut against the bottom of the desk, eliminating hanging wires.

Wire mounts and cable ties allow for a clean, custom wire management solution.

As your workstation develops over the years, it's likely that you'll need to re-bundle wires for routing or storage inside the wire management tray. A set of 10 reusable cable ties is also included, allowing for modification of cable bundling as needed without needing to replace individual cable ties.

Reusable cable ties allow for on-the-fly modification of your cable management system.

Additionally, the Advanced Wire Management Kit provides a desk-to-wall cable organizer to organize wires running from an outlet or equipment to your desk in a single bundle. The desk-to-wall cable organizer's heavy-duty "spiral" design protects the cables inside from wear and tear, while also allowing cables to be integrated into the organizer or removed from it easily. An included quick wire add/remove tool rapidly and efficiently routes cables into the organizer.

The desk-to-wall cable organizer neatly organizes and protects exposed cords running between your desk and the power outlet.

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Locking Casters - UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

The UpLift Complete Exercise includes a set of four locking casters - two for each leg. They can be locked to keep the desk stationary, but easily unlocked when you need to roll the desk.

Please note: the casters will add approximately 1.5 inches of height to your desk.

UpLift Complete Exercise Desk casters

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CPU Holder - UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

The Uplift Complete comes standard with a CPU holder to clear valuable floor and desk space while making sure your computer tower travels with your height adjustable desk, keeping your cables and connections manageable.

UpLift Complete Exercise Desk CPU holder

Click the video below to see the many features and benefits of the UpLift CPU Holder:

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Keyboard Tray - UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

Finally, your Complete Desk includes your choice of keyboard tray. Both the UpLift Large Keybord Tray and the UpLift Switch Keybord Tray come with lift-and-release height adjustment and wheel tilt adjustment to get your keyboard and mouse in the proper position when seated on the chair side of your UpLift Complete Exercise Desk. The Large Keyboard Tray includes 27'' wide surface for your keyboard and mouse to sit side-by-side. The Switch Keyboard Tray includes a 19.75'' wide surface for your keyboard and a separate, 9'' diameter surface for the mouse. Both trays also features a removable foam palm rest and the ability to switch the mouse from the right to left side for ambidextrous mousing. All necessary mounting hardware is included, including an 11'' track that allows your keyboard tray system to be mounted without interference from the desk's support beam underneath, and a 21'' track that you can use if the support beam is removed from the desk. While the 11'' length will not allow for full retraction along the track, your keyboard tray's 360° of rear swivel and your wide desktop allow you to easily rotate your keyboard tray around underneath for storage when not in use.

Choose the best fit for you between the UpLift Large Keyboard Tray and the UpLift Switch Keyboard Tray

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Optional Chair - UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

The UpLift Complete Exercise Desk also allows you to choose on of the black, standard options model of one of four of our most popular chairs at a deeply discounted price. Choose from the all mesh Raynor Ergohuman ME7ERG with headrest, the Steelcase Amia, the Steelcase Leap, or the Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest.

Raynor Ergohuman Chair ME7ERG - Mesh, High-Back with Headrest

    • Standard with all black mesh, high back and adjustable headrest
    • Back, lumbar support and seat height and depth adjust to fit an array of users
    • Features synchro-tilt mechanism and back angle adjustment with 3 position tilt-lock and tension control that allows you to adjust the chair back in relation to the seat
    • Breathable mesh seat and back keeps chair cool yet remains supportive
    • Height adjustable, pivoting armrests for numerous tasks
    Raynor Ergohuman Chair - Mesh, High-Back w/ Headrest ME7ERG for the Complete UpLift Standing Desk

Steelcase Amia Chair

    • Comes with standard adjustable arms, casters and seat height, with black base and frame and Buzz2 Black fabric seat and back
    • Seat back's unique shape and LiveLumbar technology contour to fit your spine, and adjustable lumbar support provides quick, custom comfort
    • Flexible seat edge prevents pressure being applied to the back of your legs without compromising support, and adjustable seat depth ensures that the depth of your seat supports your legs properly
    • Highly adjustable arms move in and out, forward and back, up and down and pivot for optimal support and comfort
    Steelcase Amia Chair for the Complete UpLift Standing Desk

Steelcase Leap Chair

    • Comes with standard adjustable arms, casters and seat height, with black base and frame, Buzz2 Black fabric seat and back, and no headrest
    • Seat back's LiveBack technology supports your entire spine, reducing the chance of lower back sag or hunched posture
    • Adjustable upper back force and lower back firmness allows you to set the resistance and firmness to suit your preferences
    • Thermal comfort slats in chair back and seat, along with special foam, ensure excellent breathability
    • Features flexible seat edge and adjustable seat depth for proper support and circulation
    • Highly adjustable arms move in and out, forward and back, up and down and pivot for optimal support and comfort
    Steelcase Leap Chair for the Complete UpLift Standing Desk

Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest

    • Comes with adjustable headrest, standard seat height and hard casters, and standard Duron height adjustable arms, with Graphite base and frame and Wave Black fabric seat and back
    • Intuitive counterbalance mechanism moves with you, providing instant, dynamic support and fitting 95% of the population
    • Dynamic recline avoids pressure points by opening up angle between your torso and legs and automatically adjusts to the changing needs of your spine
    • Contoured headrest moves forward as you recline, giving you complete neck support and allowing you to maintain near constant eye level
    Humanscale Freedom Chair with headrest for the Complete UpLift Standing Desk

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Freight Delivery - UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

Each desk and its components are carefully packaged for maximum protection during shipment. Most desks will ship via freight carrier, and standard delivery will include curbside or dock-to-dock delivery. However, we have many delivery options available to meet your needs. Please click the links below to read detailed descriptions of our freight shipping and white glove delivery options:

Standard freight delivery options

White glove delivery options

Other - We will contact you with a quote

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Warranty - UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

We are so confident in our product that we back each UpLift desk base we ship with a 5-year, all-inclusive warranty, which covers the frame, motor, controller, switch, electronics and mechanisms. You also have the option of upgrading to our 12-year, all-inclusive extended warranty to more than double the length of your warranty period. If you have any issues with your desk base within the warranty period, just give us a call, and we will ship you the necessary replacement parts free of charge. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the desktop surface. Free shipping only available for United States addresses. You can read more details about our industry-leading warranty coverage on our UpLift Desk Warranty page.

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Our Price: $375.00
7-Port Powered USB Hub
Original Price: $20.00
Our Price: $15.00
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Stand2Learn Standing Desk Footrest
Original Price: $149.00
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Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

It's a stark reality: study after study shows that sitting all day at a desk is slowly killing you. The best way to fight the negative effects of sitting for eight hours or more a day, which include obesity and problems with circulation and respiration, is to periodically change your working position from sitting to standing. Adding a bike or a treadmill so you can exercise and work is even better. A 160 lbs. person will burn about 200 calories an hour while walking at 2.0 mph. Our UpLift Complete Exercise Desk features a desk and bike or treadmill, as well as other ergonomic accessories like a keyboard tray and monitor arm, all in one package. Take the guesswork out of putting together a complete ergonomic desk setup with a Complete UpLift Exercise Desk.

Product Reviews for UpLift Complete Exercise Desk

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Find out why UpLift Desks are #1! Get the UpLift 900 electric sit-stand desk at a great price! Introducing the Steelcase Gesture Chair. Click to order now! Free Goldtouch notebook and tablet stand with purchase of our most popular chairs!

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