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WorkRite Corner Keyboard Tray System [188]

item#: WRK133

The Workrite Corner Keyboard Tray System is an all-in-one keyboard tray solution. Since the platform is wide enough for a keyboard and a mouse, the 188 platform does not require a separate mousing surface. The angled corners allow the system to fit along different straight or angled desk edges. With a selection of several articulating arms and other options, this solution is customizable to suit a variety of different office desk setups.

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Platform Type

Platform Options:

  • Classic: 0.625" thick melamine for the cost-conscious user
  • Ultra-thin: 0.25" thick phenolic composite minimizes the distance between the forearm and thigh

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Workrite's Pinnacle 2 articulating arm is the most popular option to pair with a Workrite keyboard tray. The Pinnacle 2's "Lift-n-Lock" tilt mechanism allows users to easily adjust the height of the platform. An easy tilt mechanism sets the tilt of the platform -15° - +10°. This mechanism swivels for easy positioning or storage. In addition to its standard size, the Pinnacle 2 is available in several different versions for specific needs:

  • Fixed mount: Suitable for desks with no room for a track or for users who do not need to slide their tray
  • Extended: An additional 2.5" of vertical reach allow it to go down to 8.5" below the work surface
  • AD: A wide-range arm that can go from 7.3" above the work surface to 7" below it

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Track Length

Workrite tracks are available in three lengths: 17", 22" and 28". The Human solution recommends using the largest track that will fit under your work surface.

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Corner Solution

Workrite offers three corner solutions to maximize your usable desk space, allowing a keyboard tray system to fit into a 90° corner. The main functional difference between the three is their width. A wider corner sleeve will create a bigger diagonal surface, giving the keyboard tray as much room as possible, but it will also cause it to stick out further from the desk. Additionally, the taller 179ACD will fit onto desks up to 2.25" thick, whereas the others will work only on desks 1.5" thick or less.

Corner Solution Dimensions
179ACD 12" W
1.75" H
179CCD 17.5" W
1.5" H
9.25" D
179CR 26" W
1.5" H
15" D

Workrite keyboard tray corner solutions

Workrite corner sleeve attachment

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Swivel Plate

The swivel plate mounts between the arm and the keyboard platform. This plate lets the keyboard tray swivel independently of the arm, giving it an extra 45° pivot. This option is useful for special mounting setups.

Workrite keyboard tray swivel plate

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Positive Tilt Lockout Kit

Positive tilt (when the keyboard slopes upward) is not ergonomically sound since it can stress the wrists and arms. This kit prevents users from positively tilting their keyboard tray as they use it, avoiding this hazard. This option is not available on Pinnacle AD Arms (3176) and Lever Lock Arms (170).

Workrite Keyboard Tray Positive Tilt Lockout Kit

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Mounting Spacer

Mounting spacers allow users to use keyboard trays on desks that have a lip on the underside, where the edge of the desk is thicker than the rest of the surface. They come in various thicknesses and widths to suit a variety of desks.

Workrite keyboard trays mounting spacer

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The Workrite Corner Keyboard Tray System is a versatile solution configurable for many different users. This keyboard tray is designed as an all-in-one platform, meaning the mouse and keyboard sit on the same surface. Users may position the mouse to the left or right of the keyboard, making it suitable for both left- and right-handed users. The tray can be constructed of an ultra-thin and light Phenolic composite or the thicker, more economical classic melamine design. The system fits onto a straight desk edge, a curved or diagonal corner or a 90° corner with an adapter. A variety of choices in articulating arms and other options make this a good keyboard tray system for a wide array of workspaces.

Workrite Corner Keyboard Tray System Features

  • Wide all-in-one keyboard and mousing surface platform
  • Platform corners are angled to fit in limited space desk corners
  • Ultra-thin or classic platform construction
  • Removable memory foam palm support
  • Articulating arm and track options to meet adjustability and space needs
  • Optimizer document holder cable management system (ultra-thin platform only)

188 Platform Specifications

Overall width 27.75"
Depth 11.5"
Palm support depth 2.5"
Color options Black


Workrite corner keyboard tray system dimensions

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WorkRite Corner Keyboard Tray System [188]

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