24 Inch Depth Standing Desks Have Arrived

24 Inch Depth Standing Desks Have Arrived

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 19th 2016

In order to give you even more options for customization, we've recently introduced 24" depth desktops, available on our standard two-leg desk and our Space Saver. The 30" depths are still available, but these new sizes are a great choice if you have limited room to install your new desk. 24" tops come in black laminate, with width options of 36", 60", 72", and 80", and in white or black UV-cured recycled wood, with width options of 36" and 48".

We decided to provide this size option after hearing from several customers who told us that depth, not width, was the issue in their space. This was often the case for work-at-home customers who did not have a dedicated room for their office. They were putting their desks in their living rooms or bedrooms, and finding that the fit was a little tight, especially once adding a chair. We even heard from a couple of people who had sawed off the back of their tops to decrease the size! Previously, this DIY hack was your only option outside of a custom desk or a base-only purchase. Now you can enjoy fast, easy, one-stop shopping for your full desk order.

If ordering from our standard two-leg listing, follow these easy steps:

Under your first option, Desktop Type, select "Black UV-cured recycled wood rectangular," "White UV-cured recycled wood rectangular," or "Black GREENGUARD laminate" from the dropdown menu, depending on the top color and material you prefer

Then, select your choice of desktop width.

From there, continue down the list and select all the options you'd like to configure your desk for your needs.

Any of our desk configurations will allow you to harness the benefits of standing periodically at work:

  • Reduced risk of obesity
  • Reduced risk of diabetes and other metabolic problems
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduced risk of cancer
  • Lower long-term mortality risk
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased energy
  • Increased calorie burn (50 per hour while standing)
  • Improvement in neck, back, and shoulder pain

We're all about options, making it easier than ever to create the desk of your dreams and begin your new healthy working lifestyle. Stay tuned for even more customization choices coming soon!

TheHumanSolution.com keeps you active and comfortable at work.

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