5 Ergonomic Items That Help Me Work More Comfortably Every Day

5 Ergonomic Items That Help Me Work More Comfortably Every Day

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 6th 2013

My work lifestyle has significantly changed since I've joined the THS team. I used to be conditioned to work in discomfort without even noticing it. I would sit for extended hours throughout the day, with a desk set-up that was static and not at all adjustable -- from the monitors, to the chair, to the mouse. So since I've been here at THS, where we are lucky to have ergonomic workstations, I've gotten spoiled in a short period of time.

I am lucky to get to work at a height adjustable desk, walk on my treadmill as I answer emails, use an ergonomic mouse that keeps my hand in a comfortable position, and sit in a very comfortable chair. (My coworker also gave me a Nerf-gun to use at my discretion; however, its ergonomic design is questionable.)

I never really expected that I would become picky about my office furniture and accessories. I have always thought of myself as no-muss no-fuss. But having gotten used to my workstation, I'm not sure how I'll ever settle for anything less in the future. And I think that's OK, especially when the bottom line is physical health, emotional well-being, and better productivity. Why would I want to go back to being less comfortable, less focused, and less energized?

Here is the breakdown of my ergonomic workstation:

1. Treadmill Desk: I use the UPLIFT 900 Treadmill Desk, so throughout the day, I can stand up and walk, or sit down with the desk at a level that works for my ergonomic chair. Having an adjustable height standing desk is really revolutionary. I notice that there can be times throughout the day where my energy will plateau, and I need to stand up and move to refocus. Being able to do that, and keep working, has been amazing for productivity as well as just feeling better in my body. I look back at how I felt just sitting for 8 hours, and even though I was accustomed to it, I had no idea how uncomfortable I was! I also have the opportunity to set walking goals for myself. On a day to day basis now, I will walk a minimum of one and a maximum of 6 miles! This bit of moderate activity throughout the day has been great for my metabolism as well. When there are days I'm not able to go to the gym after work, I try to get some extra miles of walking in, and the day has not been lost!

2. Ergonomic Chair: I love my Raynor Ergo Elite Chair. Similar to the Ergohuman ME7ERG Chair, but with a slightly more petite frame and a cool patterned mesh, it has really nice adjustments: Back tilt and lock, seat slider, and adjustable arms. Once I have adjusted my desk to a seated position, I am excited to be in a chair that is adjusted to my preferences and comfortable to lean into as I work.

3. Dual Monitor Arms: We work with two monitors in front of us as we work with customers and write new content for our website simultaneously. That is a lot of screen to have in front of me. Having the Innovative 7500 Wing Dual LCD Monitor Arm allows me to control the distance and level these are positioned so I can adjust them to my comfort level. In addition, transitioning from sitting to standing or from sitting to walking means the position of my monitors are going to need to quickly change. I don't like having to take a lot of time to re-organize my desk if I just want to stand up and start walking. Having monitor arms eases the transition in a timely manner so I can minimize interrupting my work, and I can keep things at a level that is best for my varying positions.

4. Keyboard Tray: One of the most comfortable accessories, and one of the accessories I didn't expect I'd look at as a necessity, is my UPLIFT Large Keyboard Tray. Being able to set the level of my arms independently from the level of my desk and monitors has also truly revolutionized my work. I am more comfortable and more productive, which is an association I hadn't consciously made before.

5. Ergonomic Mouse: As I have become integrated at my treadmill desk, and accustomed to these ergonomic accessories, a regular old mouse just won't do. And it makes sense. I've gotten used to really seeing the difference between proper body placement and movement as I work. And non-ergonomic mice keep my wrist in a position where I'm likely to get hurt over time due to the pressure point at my wrist being pressed against the surface of my desk. My Evoluent Vertical Mouse took a few days to get used to, but now I'm happy to not be hurting my hand while I work.

I highly recommend adjusting your work environment to integrate more ergonomic products. As someone who doesn't like to be defined by material things, or spending money on unnecessary products, I can testify that every new aspect of my ergonomic work station has made a significant difference in my quality of life as I work 8 hours a day. I can freely move around, and work in positions that do not hurt or injure me over time. I don't feel confined or trapped, and my office helps me stay focused!

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