A Big Welcome to the Raynor Big & Tall BT350

A Big Welcome to the Raynor Big & Tall BT350

Posted by Tyler R on May 3rd 2016

So you have your office. The computer screen you stare at all day. The keyboard that you click-clack away on to make said computer screen do the things that you have to do. You also probably have a desk and if it’s an UPLIFT Desk it may quite possibly be your favorite piece of office flair out of this trio. However, just as sitting all day is bad for your health, standing all day isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to do either. What makes a height adjustable desk so awesome is the fact that it allows you to alternate sitting and standing so that you can fight the effects of sitting by adding some standing time throughout your day while also being able to go back to sitting when you’re tired of standing up.

However, sitting requires another addition to that office setup. That’s right. You need a chair. That little voice in your head is probably telling you that the chair you have is enough. It’s a possibility that your current chair is like sitting on a cloud in the Springtime but it’s probably more likely that you’re using a company chair that has seen a parade of backsides in its long and very dull history. It’s probably time to upgrade. There are hundreds of ergonomic chair models on the market made to accommodate the average Joe. So congratulations Joes and Jo-ettes, you’ve got it made! But for some, finding the right sized chair is a bit more involved. Some need a petite chair and others need something with a bit more space and/or weight capacity. For petite users I encourage you to have a look at our petite chairs page. The Steelcase Amia is one of our more popular models in that category. For our Big & Tall users, we have the Big & Tall page which has a new recent addition for you to consider.

I’m talking about the new Raynor Eurotech Big & Tall Chair BT350. It’s the same great quality that you have come to expect from Raynor at a price that will fit any reasonable budget. The BT350 has a lovely mesh back with a well-padded fabric seat. It’s very durable and, more importantly, very comfortable. The tilt tension control allows the chair to adapt to your weight and a swivel-tilt mechanism that tilts from the center. These two features together allow the user to do some tension-controlled rocking. The arms and seat are, of course, height adjustable and the chair is rated for up to 350lbs. making it a great option for those who are a little above average.

So for the budget minded Big & Tall users of the world, I suggest giving the Raynor Eurotech Big & Tall Chair BT350 a gander. It’s a good ergonomic chair at a great price and you’ll be able to say “sayonara” to whatever chair it is that’s currently ailing you without breaking the bank. And if you haven’t upgraded your old stationary desk yet, you may want to have a look at the UPLIFT. It may not be the holiday season but as the saying goes, “Treat yo’ self!”

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