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Big and Tall Office Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are supposed to be designed to fit the individual user. Some chairs are intended for the majority of people in the middle range; some chairs are intended for petite users. These chairs will not be comfortable -- or ergonomic -- for a big and tall user. A chair built for a larger user is not only more comfortable, but also safer. Many of these chairs are offered with a reinforced seat mechanism and wider base.

Most chairs are limited to a 250 lbs weight capacity and are recommended to users shorter than a certain height. If you're larger or taller than average, our in-house ergonomist suggests these Big and Tall Chairs for the best combination of comfort and quality.

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Not every chair is created for every person. Enjoy proper comfort and safety with one of these ergonomic big and tall chairs. A properly fitted chair can make a huge difference. You'll feel it in a short amount of time, and you'll continue to feel it in your body as time goes on. Check out our video review for the Nightingale CXO Chair, one of our most popular big and tall chairs, below.

Video Review - Nightingale CXO Chair

Watch our video review of the Nightingale CXO Chair, which is a great chair for taller users and users up to 275 lbs. Also check out our Nightingale CXO HD Chair for Big and Tall Users, which is warranted for users up to 450 lbs.