Above It All: Mayline Varitask LT Adjustable Height Workstations

Above It All: Mayline Varitask LT Adjustable Height Workstations

Posted by Human Solution on Sep 2nd 2009

Working at Human Solution is a thrilling experience, don’t get me wrong. Still, at a certain point in the afternoon, I get a bit drowsy sometimes. Caffeine helps, but simply getting a chance to stand up can perk me up even more. Working in a standing position stretches my legs and back. Additionally, the increased muscle involvement required to stand versus sitting increases my blood flow and metabolism, giving me the extra energy I need to finish up the day. It also benefits physical fitness, as standing for two hours a day can lead to a 20 pound weight loss within a year.

Since I spend large portions of the day working on the computer, a normal fixed-height desk would be impractical to work at while standing. Trying to type on a keyboard 16 inches below my elbows certainly wouldn’t be a good example of the proper ergonomics we work to promote! I could opt for a tall workstation and a drafting chair, but I do not care to be seated at high elevation all the time. A true solution to this problem would allow me to do both: sit at a normal height part of the day and stand up for part of it.

Fortunately, Mayline’s Varitask LT (also known as “value priced”) workstations allow me to do just that. The workstation includes an electric motor, which raises and lowers the desk to virtually any height in its 16.5” range- from 25” to 41.5” in height. This fits most people comfortably in either a seated or standing position. It has rugged steel construction and a durable electric motor that comes with a 10 year warranty, so it should provide years of reliable operation.

The workstations come in different shapes and sizes to fit the unique needs of many spaces. The standard rectangle shape is very popular. There is also a corner unit available, with a curved front to maximize space efficiency. Each of these can come with one surface or two independently adjustable surfaces, so the keyboard and mouse can be on a different level than monitor(s) and items at the back of the desk. Additionally, there are different sizes available. For unique needs, the base and motor may be ordered without a desk surface, and a custom-made surface can be attached.

Many of our ergonomic office accessories work great with a Mayline Varitask LT adjustable workstation. An ESIor Humanscale keyboard tray allows custom positioning of the keyboard and mouse. Both systems slide under the desk when not in use and free up space to work on the desk surface. (Important: Mayline workstations REQUIRE a keyboard tray setup with a 14” TRACK. Humanscale’s 900 keyboard tray with a 5GSM mechanism lets you slide your keyboard the furthest under the desk of any setup we sell. If you have questions, call one of our experts at 800-531-3746.)

A movable monitor mount is another great addition with these desks because it allows easy repositioning of monitor(s) as the user changes positions throughout the day. I currently use an Innovative Duopod mount. It has gas springs that allow me to reposition my two LCD monitors with very little effort in just a few seconds. We have many great mounts that are sure to work with any office setup.

A Humanscale CPU holder holds your computer underneath the desk surface. This helps prevent dust and physical damage from the CPU simply sitting on the floor. When used with a height adjustable desk, it lets the computer move up and down with the desk surface, eliminating some cable management problems. There are different sizes of holders to match most CPU case sizes. The right accessories make the Mayline Varitask LT height adjustable workstation an even better ergonomic office solution.

Mayline’s height adjustable workstations improve alertness, productivity and physical fitness, and reduce the stress caused by sitting for an entire workday. These desks adjust easily with the push of a button, are appropriate for most sizes of people, and fit well into many different work spaces. Accessories such as keyboard trays, monitor arms and CPU holders create even greater ergonomic benefits. Call one of our ergonomic experts at 800-531-3746 and get on my level.

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