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Announcing the Evoluent Wireless Vertical Mouse 4 VM4RW

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

We’re happy to announce the Evoluent Wireless Vertical Mouse 4 VM4RW, a new wireless version of the best-selling Evoluent Wireless Vertical Mouse, is now available from Human Solution.

In ergonomic mouse circles, this is very big news. Until now, only wired versions of the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 have been available. Those who wanted a wireless version of the Evoluent Mouse have had to revert to the earlier Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3.

To sum up the differences between the Evoluent Vertical Wireless Mouse 3 and the Evoluent Vertical Wireless Mouse 4, Evoluent 4 gives more control to users with the newer version. There are six programmable buttons for personalization. The Evoluent Vertical Wireless Mouse 4 has a button for easy and intuitive adjustment of the pointer speed, with a maximum total precision of up to 2600 DPI for fine work. Additionally, the Evoluent’s famous sculpted design has been altered slightly to encourage a stress-free ergonomic grip.

When considering an Evoluent Mouse, which is the right mouse for you, the wireless or the wired? In terms of performance, you won’t notice any difference. There will be a slight weight difference in the two mice, obviously because one mouse is powered via the USB cable while the other is battery-powered. As long as you don’t mind the added weight, we strongly recommend the Evoluent Wireless Vertical Mouse VM4RW as a safeguard against wrist tension and repetitive strain injuries.

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