Can Treadmill Desks Stave Off the Freshman Fifteen?

Can Treadmill Desks Stave Off the Freshman Fifteen?

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 28th 2013

If you've ever been enrolled in a major college or university, there's no doubt you've heard of the dreaded "freshman fifteen." Fresh out of high school and out from underneath the watchful eye of their parents, it's not exactly uncommon for new college students to put on a solid fifteen pounds in their first year, thanks to the copious amounts of fattening foods and relatively sedentary lifestyle enjoyed on campus.

For some students, the freshman fifteen sticks around through their next three years in school and beyond. Sure, I had a bit of a hike going from my Calculus I class to my Intro to Computer Science class across campus when I was a new Longhorn, but one short walk couldn't make up for all the extra hours I spent lounging about in my dorm and working in labs.

Iowa State University's kinesiology department has recognized this critical and dangerous flaw in campus living, and through their ExerCYse program, hopes to help students at ISU stay healthy even when they don't think they have time to exercise. One of their more unique initiatives helps students who are pressed for time get a bit more active while they work and study by providing public treadmill desks in various locations on campus. For students who can't participate in ExerCYse's other initiatives like the Healthiest State Walk, using these public treadmill desks is a great way to get in some last-minute cramming while also staying physically active. By simply walking at a slow pace while working, students are able to burn a few calories and prevent their bodies from falling into a resting metabolic state. As ISU kinesiology graduate student Karissa Peyer notes, it won't replace a visit to the gym for people who "feel like they don't have enough time to exercise, but every little bit helps."

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a kinesiology department setting up treadmill desks in the office for anyone to use. Luckily, we carry a large selection of treadmill desks designed to fit into any space, be it an executive's office or a dorm room. If you're looking to reap the same health benefits as Iowa State's students, be sure to check out our great treadmill desks that can help you fight weight loss and health issues associated with a sedentary lifestyle at any age!

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