Catch an Ergo Wave with the Knoll Surfboard

Catch an Ergo Wave with the Knoll Surfboard

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 3rd 2014

Not many people know this about me, but before I started with Human Solution, I used to work for the FBI. Far and away, the most memorable case I took on involved a gang of bank robbers who wore masks of ex-Presidents during the robberies. Eventually, we realized that the bank robbers were surfers, so the FBI taught me how to surf so I could infiltrate their gang. Anyway, long story short, I ended up learning a lot about myself, bonding with one of the suspects, and fired my gun in the air and yelled, "Aaaaaaah". In the end it really helped make up for abandoning my football...oh, you know what? I'm actually confusing my own life with the classic Patrick Swayze movie, Point Break. Sorry, that happens to me all the time; I actually have no experience with surfing or surfboards. Or at least that was the case until today, when I got to check out the Knoll Surfboard.

Despite the name, the Knoll Surfboard VDT Corner is actually not designed for riding waves; instead its unique, surfboard-shaped design makes it the perfect ergonomic accessory for any corner or L-shaped desk. By placing it right in the point where the two sides of your desk meet, it increases your work surface, helping you maximize desk space by turning that corner into the true center of your workstation. It also has ergonomic benefits, allowing you to keep your keyboard at a more comfortable, neutral position. Unlike a corner sleeve, the Knoll Surfboard Corner isn't designed for compatibility with a keyboard tray; instead it gives you a simpler alternative by sitting on top of your desk, with no installation required. At the same time, you will notice the reduced tension and strain in your muscles and joints from being able to position your keyboard in a more comfortable location.

Handling the Surfboard, the thing that impressed me the most was the sturdiness and strength of it. Made of rigid steel, the Surfboard feels far more substantial than other corner accessories. It is also quite large, measuring at over 41" wide total and creating a corner that is a generous 24" wide. This means that the Surfboard can span the edges of even the most luxurious executive desks. The built-in rubber bumpers protect your desk surface from any sort of damage and the screw-free design means that installing the Knoll Surfboard is as easy as placing it on top of your desk. Plus, the stylish black finish makes the Surfboard a sophisticated fit with any desk.

All that said, the greatest advantage of the Surfboard is that it helps unlock the full potential of your workstation, creating a new, functional workspace in an area of the corner desk that people often have trouble utilizing. If you've got a luxurious L-shaped desk, like our top-of-the-line UPLIFT 950, but find yourself needing a larger surface on which to work, the Knoll Surfboard Corner is the answer. Its the simple, stylish way to get the most out of it. And speaking of simple and stylish, did I ever tell you about the time I was a bouncer at a road house?

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