Adding a Treadmill to Your L-Shaped Desk

Adding a Treadmill to Your L-Shaped Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 6th 2014

Tremendous weight capacity. Expandable crossbars. Digital keypads with programmable memory. Custom wood and laminate desktops. The UPLIFT series of L-shaped sit-stand desks truly has it all. Well, all but one thing, anyway - none of them offer a treadmill as an option!

Of course, the UPLIFT L-shaped desks are perfectly compatible with the highly-recommended LifeSpan treadmills offered as an option with the rectangular UPLIFT Two-Leg desks desks, but in many cases, adding a treadmill to an L-shaped desk can cause things to get very cramped, very quickly. With the most common L-shaped desks being those sized at 72" x 72" x 30", there's certainly plenty of desktop room to spare, but space on the "inside" of the desk corner is at a premium. Adding a desk treadmill on the inside of the desk like one normally would with a rectangular desk effectively blocks you from placing a chair on that side of the desk. A diagram of a typical L-shaped desk paired with a LifeSpan TR800-DT3 can be seen below:

Note how the length of the treadmill takes up nearly all of the space on the desk's inside corner.

However, for users with more room to work with, there are other options that might still let you utilize a desk treadmill with your new L-shaped desk. The first option is likely to be the most convenient, but requires roughly an additional 36.5" of space and benefits greatly from the addition of an adjustable monitor arm. By placing the treadmill in line with one side of the desk, you can create a "T" shape, letting you leave your chair on the inside corner, then rotating your display around to the treadmill as necessary. This monitor arm can be placed either in the center of one side of the desk, or placed close to the outside corner.

This T-shape configuration allows for the use of both a chair and treadmill at an L-shaped desk.

An alternative to the "T-shape" configuration can be found in the "Z-shape" setup. Like the "T-shape," this configuration requires the use of a monitor arm that can swivel around to face either the chair or the treadmill. However, most monitor arms will not be long enough to mount along the outside corner of the desk and still reach over to the treadmill position, so the arm will need to be mounted along the center of one side of the desk or along the inside corner with this setup.

The Z-shape setup is similar to the T-shape layout, but opens up space along the outside corner for those who need it.

It might be a bit difficult to get your L-shaped desk to play nice with a desk treadmill, but it's certainly doable, and the health benefits are definitely worth it. Of course, if you don't have the room to have your L-shaped treadmill desk cake and eat it too, we've got plenty of large UPLIFT treadmill desk options available to help you make the most of your workspace.

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