Check Out My Favorite Standing Desk Accessory

Check Out My Favorite Standing Desk Accessory

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 4th 2015

When you build your UPLIFT Desk, you'll notice there are several optional accessories available. Some people go for the whole nine yards, and deck their workstations out with just about every option we offer, while others prefer to keep it simple and get just the desk itself. If you lean towards the latter, no problem; the desk with no additional accessories is still going to give you a huge uptick in your level of comfort and productivity. However, I want to encourage you to select one option in particular that will allow you to get the most out of your new desk.

I'm talking about a standing desk mat! Maybe it's not the most exciting accessory in the world, but it's the most necessary, in my view (monitor arm would be a close second). There are several benefits to standing periodically throughout the day, but you're likely to find your legs and feet getting sore without a good mat. If you'd like to stand for half the day or more, an anti-fatigue mat is a must.

Our new UPLIFT mat is exactly what you need to fully enjoy the benefits of standing while you work. Developed after 12 years of research (we take our mats seriously, people), this durable, supportive mat features a gel foam interior that offers just the right combination of cushioning and resistance. It's got a closed-cell surface, which means it's easy to wipe up spills or clean the mat, and it's textured to prevent slipping. The mat is lightweight and easy to move back and forth and you go from sitting to standing.

Best of all, it's free with your desk purchase -- it's so important to us that you have a mat, we're giving it away. Just choose it as your free gift as you make your desk selections, and you'll be standing in total comfort in no time. offers desks and accessories to keep you comfortable all day long.

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