Clear the Air With the Humanscale Humanair Air Purifier

Clear the Air With the Humanscale Humanair Air Purifier

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 1st 2010

Nothing says “fresh air” like the inside of your office, right? Didn’t think so. If you’re like most office workers, the atmosphere around your desk is a combination of stale air, the smell of…whatever your co-worker is eating, and dust particles blown in by the ventilation system. Mmmm.

While we can’t turn your place of business into an alpine forest or lush rolling hills complete with gentle breezes, we do offer a product that can keep the air you breathe on the job a little fresher. The Humanscale Humanair air purifier filters out unwanted dust, pollutants and particles in the air. It creates a clean zone around itself that is both pleasant and healthy. The Humanair does what other air purifiers do, with a couple advantages all its own.

First, at just 22 watts of power consumption, it is extremely energy-efficient. With an apliance that runs constantly, that is a help to the office energy budget and the planet. Also, it uses a different type of filter than some other air purifiers on the market. The Humanair uses a paper filter that traps particles more effectively than the popular HEPA filter. It creates no ozone gas like ionic air purifiers. Finally, the Humanscale Humanair produces no breeze and no noticeable sound. Take a deep breath.

Just because you are stuck indoors all day does not mean you should have to breathe stale air. With Humanscale’s air purifier, you no longer need to.

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