ErgoKit and ErgoKit Lite – Ergonomic Assessment Tools for Professional Ergonomists

ErgoKit and ErgoKit Lite – Ergonomic Assessment Tools for Professional Ergonomists

Posted by Angela P on Dec 19th 2013

"This is a great set of tools to use in a manufacturing environment. I enjoy having all tools available and organized. The price is really great compared to me sourcing the products separately and assembling the tools myself. I'd done that in the past and it involved multiple purchases, lots of planning, and time. This kit is the go-to for me when we need assessment tools on one of our plants." -George S., ErgoKit Customer

One of the standout items featured at our ErgoExpo booth was our ErgoKit. Designed by our president, who is a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), the ErgoKit contains over 20 assessment tools in a airplane carry-on-sized hard case. The custom foam insert keeps all tools secure when traveling, and makes it easy to see that everything is in its place and ready to go.

The ErgoKit has tools for office and industrial assessments, including a scale, force gauge, hand dynamometer, pinch dynamometer, light meter, sound meter, thermo-hygrometer, a digital camera, a Google Nexus 7 tablet with our Pocket Ergo software, and many other tools for collecting and recording the data you'll need to make well-informed recommendations.

The newest addition to the ErgoKit family is the ErgoKit Lite, a scaled-down version of the ErgoKit at a scaled-down price. The ErgoKit Lite includes the tools most commonly used in ergonomic assessments, including a digital scale, force gauge, and other measurement tools in a heavy duty carrying bag.

Detailed measurements and data are essential to assessing ergonomic risk and creating the reports that you will need to back up your recommendations. Our ErgoKits make your job easier by keeping your assessment tools organized, portable, and easily accessible.

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