Ergonomic Healthcare Products -- Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Ergonomic Healthcare Products -- Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Posted by Human Solution on May 4th 2013

Here at Human Solution, we're proud to carry a wide selection of great ergonomic products that help you take better care of yourself while at the office. Now, we're expanding our selection to help medical professionals provide better care for you. Medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics all have their own unique needs when it comes to organizing a workplace, and with our new Healthcare Ergonomics section, we've made it easy to put together an ideal working environment for nurses, doctors, and dentists.

Medical environments are very different than the typical office workstation, and the furniture used in them must be able to address certain design challenges inherent to these settings. For example, seating options must be able to maneuver freely around examination rooms and provide medical professionals a wide range of motion to work, but at the same time must be comfortable enough to work on for long periods of time if necessary and be easy to sanitize. The Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat is one such seating option, with an ergonomically-friendly seat design available in two different sizes and a colorful selection of easy-to-maintain Lotus polyurethane and leather upholstery.

Another common medical workplace design challenge comes from the need to position computers and LCD displays for vital sign monitoring, X-ray viewing, record keeping, and more. Hospitals, dental offices, veterinary offices, and urgent care clinics all require mounting solutions that are low profile to minimize the risk of accidents while not in use. At the same time, these mounting options must also provide a high degree of adjustability to accommodate employees of various heights and allow the display to be viewed by medical professionals or patients from multiple angles no matter where they are in the room.

Innovative's 8326 Vertical Wall Mounting Track with Cable Management offers a clean, customizable mounting solution for an entire computer that quickly folds away to save space, and the Innovative 9450 Long Reach Point of Care Arm provides a dynamic monitor mounting solution with a massive range of motion for easy viewing across an entire room.

These unique solutions to long-standing issues in the medical workplace and more can be found on our new Healthcare Ergonomics page, with more products added regularly. If you're a medical professional whose office is in need of a little TLC, be sure to check it out! We're making it easy to make your life better so you can make your patient's lives better.

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