Ergonomic Solutions for the iPad and Tablet PCs

Ergonomic Solutions for the iPad and Tablet PCs

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 20th 2011

Tablet PCs and iPads are quickly becoming the new standard in portable computing. With tablets becoming more affordable, more powerful, and easier to use with every new release, it’s easy to predict that everyone – including your old Aunt Betty – is gonna jump on the portable touch screen bandwagon pretty soon. It’s gonna be like Facebook – nerdy and novel for a while and then AN EXPLOSION OF POPULARITY AND UBIQUITY!!

We’re ready for that explosion. We love tablet PCs and iPads, but we understand that it’s not always comfortable holding one of these mini super-computers in your hand or in your lap for very long. Sitting hunched over a small device like the iPad for a few hours can lead to some pretty serious neck, upper back, and shoulder pain. And, even though the iPad and tablet PCs are pretty light, they can start to feel heavy after a short while, especially if you’re holding one in your hand. Luckily, we offer a few great products that can seriously limit strain when using a tablet. Check out the ergonomic benefits of the Innovative iPad arm, the Cricket stand, and the Goldtouch Go! stand below.

The Innovative IOP iPad Arm

Versatile and convenient, the Innovative IOP iPad Arm is like a monitor arm for the iPad. It’s available in three configurations: Flexible Height, for effortless movement and height control, Fixed Height, for added sturdiness and swiveling, and Wall Mount, for a static display.

Benefits for iPad/Tablet PC users:

- It’s hands-free! The arm attaches to your work surface or wall – no need to hold your tablet while you’re working or browsing the web.

- Intuitive height adjustment – Stop hunching over and make your tablet meet you at eye level with a quick tug, with no buttons to push or levers to pull, reducing strain to your neck, shoulders and back.

- Easily rotate your tablet from portrait to landscape with a quick twist.

- Bring the screen to you – The arm extends up to 18” and collapses to 3”, pull it close or push it back for different tasks.

- Got cables attached to your tablet? Hide ‘em with the arm’s cable management system.
Cricket Stand for Laptops, Tablet PCs, and the iPad

Create an ergonomic office wherever you go with the Cricket, a slim, portable laptop stand that works great for iPads and tablets.

Benefits for iPad/Tablet PC users:

- The Cricket lifts your tablet off the ground, so there’s no need to hold it in your hand or in your lap. Plus, the elevated design enhances airflow to keep your tablet cool.

- Don’t strain your shoulders, back, and neck! Raise your tablet screen to a comfortable viewing position and relax.

- It’s portable and compact. The cricket measures only 8 slim inches long when folded up, making it easy to stow in your pocket or bag. Take it with you wherever you go.
Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook Stand

This more traditional laptop stand works great for tablets too! It’s a lightweight, portable and easy to adjust solution for tablet owners.

Benefits for iPad/Tablet PC users:

- The Goldtouch Go! stand features five different height adjustment angle positions. Find the right height for your needs and avoid the strain that the hunched over position can cause to your back, shoulders, and neck.

- The Go! collapses into a slim and flat square that fits neatly into a neoprene case that comes standard with every order – carry it in your bag of briefcase for an instant ergonomic office solution.

- The neoprene case doubles as a mousing pad, reducing contact stress on your work surface.

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