Form vs. Function: Spike TV’s 'Framework' Turns Furniture Design into Reality Competition

Form vs. Function: Spike TV’s 'Framework' Turns Furniture Design into Reality Competition

Posted by Troy A on Jan 9th 2015

We here at Human Solution like to keep our eye out for all things cool and ergonomic. We not only want to bring things to your attention that suit your posture needs, but also ones that can tie a room together. Just because it’s healthy doesn't mean it has to be boring (my personal feelings about kale notwithstanding). That said, Spike TV is airing a furniture crafting competition on their new reality series, Framework.

The tried and true formula of taking a cast of (hopefully) interesting people and pitting them against one another is on display once again. Add in a seemingly unrelated celebrity host, Common, and the recipe for reality gold appears to be in place. But, for us, the real star is the furniture. From tables to desks to chairs, we can't wait to see what the competitors can craft up in the 24-hour challenges.

Moreover, we can’t wait to see if they’ll stack up to our ergonomic standards. Any yahoo can throw wood and metal together and call it a table, but it takes serious skill to make something worth putting in your home or office, and more still to make it truly ergonomic. That’s always our main goal, and we hope it comes through in our products, like the UPLIFT 900 Reclaimed Wood Sit-Stand Desk.

What seems ever present, even in the early going of Framework, is that there is a clear split among the competitors as to what is more important; how the furniture looks versus how it performs. While some are going mostly for the artistic angle, others place an emphasis on whether or not the item does its job. You can't really call it a chair if you can't sit on it.

Additionally, is it comfortable? One of the things that we take pride in is providing ergonomic chairs that are not only stylish, but comfortable. The Form vs. Function debate will always wage, but a bit of both doesn't hurt anyone in the long run.

As for Framework, the typical reality TV squabbles that Spike TV has done well over the years are present. We'll be keeping an eye on whether or not the pieces created hold up to our ergonomic standards. Can't tell if that will suck all of the fun out of the show or not, but it’s what we do. Byproduct of knowing too much I guess.

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