As Green as It Gets: Introducing the UPLIFT Reclaimed Wood Stand-Up Desk

As Green as It Gets: Introducing the UPLIFT Reclaimed Wood Stand-Up Desk

Posted by Will M on Nov 5th 2014

One thing that has always set the UPLIFT Desk apart from other height-adjustable desks is the option for a real wood desktop. Our gorgeous made-to-order harvested wood top UPLIFT desks are the top of the line when it comes to sit-stand desktops. Of course, the beauty of a real wood top comes at a premium, as each wood top is sourced and handcrafted by our woodworker. For those who want the natural beauty of a real wood top, yet want something a little friendlier to both your wallet and the environment, our new Reclaimed Wood UPLIFT Desk might just be what you’re looking for!

These reclaimed wood desktops are about as “green” as it gets, as they are 100% reused wood. A reclaimed wood desktop is the ultimate recycled desk, made completely of salvaged Douglas fir. Because the tops are sourced this way and not from new trees, not only do they impact the environment less than a brand new wood top, their impact on your budget is lessened as well. Priced between a stock laminate and our made-to-order solid wood tops, reclaimed wood is an affordable option with all of the natural, rustic style and unique texture and color variations of real wood.

We stock them instead of making them to order too, so we can get them shipped quicker than a standard real wood desktop – in only a day or two if it’s a size we have in stock. The tops are stocked in four sizes, and feature a water-based urethane finish with cabinet-grade plywood backing for stability that makes it easy to attach to our height-adjustable UPLIFT Desk base. These Reclaimed Wood UPLIFT Stand-Up Desks are a great, affordable way to get the benefits of periodically standing at your desk, improving your health and the look of your office while minimizing your desk’s environmental footprint.

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