Fun With the Focal Stabilizing Footrest

Fun With the Focal Stabilizing Footrest

Posted by Tyler R on Jan 14th 2016

So right now you’re probably standing and reading this. And if you aren’t, why are you being so mean to yourself? Stand up and take a stretch break while you’re perusing this page. Your body will thank you.

We all know that there are numerous benefits to standing, including improved blood sugar, lower cholesterol levels, and reduced body fat. However, there are different ways to stand. Some people like to lean a bit, while others stand so straight that they’re a fuzzy hat away from guarding the Queen. But for those looking for something in between, we have the Focal Stabilizing Foot Rest.The Focal Stabilizing Foot Rest encourages movement and increases circulation by facilitating active sitting, perching, and standing. By placing one foot on the rest bar as you stand, you can redistribute your weight to suit your needs. You can even alternate feet to add a little motion to your workday. It also serves as a great foot stool while sitting. If you’re a little on the petite side and you need something to make up for the extra couple of inches on your chair, this is a fantastic solution that won’t break the bank. Non-marking grippers keep the foot rest stable on most surfaces, whether you have a hard surface like tile or a softer surface like carpet.

The versatility of Focal Stabilizing Foot Rest makes it a great companion to the UPLIFT Height Adjustable Standing Desk, the ultimate in sit-to-stand solutions. With the Focal Stabilizing Foot Rest, you’ll be able to support those lower extremities whether you have your desk in a low sitting position or a high standing position.

All in all, the Focal Stabilizing Foot Rest is a great addition to any office configuration that needs a little extra support and comfort. It's a great option for keeping you comfortable whether sitting or standing. is your one-stop shop for ergonomics and workplace health.

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