Getting the Lowdown on Stand Up Desks From ErgoExpo

Getting the Lowdown on Stand Up Desks From ErgoExpo

Posted by Pete A on Dec 23rd 2013

Look at this beautiful booth! UPLIFT Desk and Human Solution were well represented at ErgoExpo 2013.

The 2013 National Ergonomic Expo was a blast! Everyone's booth was spectacular, and I was able to have some great conversations with people about the future of ergonomics, and the products that are really making an impact in the work place. We were showcasing our world famous UPLIFT 900 adjustable height desks, and they proved to be a big hit with everyone, especially our custom native wood mesquite tops!

Not only did we get the good word about the UPLIFT brand spread, but I was also able to check out some other companies take on the standing revolution. It was very inspiring to see the passion other companies have for changing the way we work, and how important it is to note that these aren't frivolous accessories, but can seriously improve the quality of our work and health.

I'd like to share my thoughts about a couple of the other great desks I got to test out in comparison to our UPLIFT 900, and in the most objective manner possible.

You can trust me, I was a boy scout for 3 weeks.


Anthro has a great line of desks, that's why we sell them on our site! The Elevate II has some great features:


  • 5 year warranty
  • Included cable management tray
  • Available with a 23.5" deep top, good for those trying to save space.


  • Price $$$
  • Keypad not programmable for keeping saved heights
  • Lifting power on the lower end (250 lbs)


These guys were awesome and their desks (the UpDesk and the UpWrite) were very nice looking. I especially liked the UpWrite, which used a white board for a desktop. Here is what really stood out for me:


  • 5 year warranty (one of the only other companies other than Human Solution that I have seen with a such a substantial warranty)
  • Twin lift - both legs have motors which definitely makes these more stable and reliable
  • Good height range (25.5"-50.5")


  • Price $$$ - The smaller desks are starting at $899, with an additional $99 to ship within the US
  • Full desk only - It would be nice to be able to order the base only as well and customize it with your own top
  • Curved top only - This is personal preference, but I would like the option of a square top


Now I know what you are thinking: "Oh great, he's about to sing the praises of the UPLIFT 900." But I assure you that everything noted below is not an opinion or embellishment, but standard facts about the desk itself. Heck, I'll even throw in a couple cons. I hope I don't get fired.


  • 335 lbs lifting capacity
  • Superior height range (24.5" - 50.5")
  • 7 year warranty
  • Programmable keypad
  • Telescoping frame (43"-96") lets you upgrade or switch to different size desktop in the future
  • Low price (Full desk starting at $769 including shipping)
  • Base only option available so you use an existing top you have or get one on your own (and save a couple hundred dollars)


  • Currently not offered with 24" deep desktop (although we will be soon)
  • Must hold down button to get to selected height. Most desks are like this, mainly for safety (Don't want to get your hand pinched between a desk that lifts 335 lbs!) but, hey, I like to live dangerously.

Well there you have it, I hope you found this informative. Regardless of which desk you decide to purchase, I think we can all agree that we need to be incorporate a standing routine if we are working a full 8 hours at a desk. Happy Hunting!

If you would like more information on any of the desks we offer, give us a call at 1-800-531-3746 or visit us at

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