Guest Blog: Gaming and Casting with the UPLIFT Desk

Guest Blog: Gaming and Casting with the UPLIFT Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Nov 13th 2015

Matt Price is the latest gamer to try out an UPLIFT Desk. Check out his review below, and follow his casting on Twitch.

My name is Matthew “Darmin” Price and I am an amatuer eSports caster, focusing mostly on the game Dota 2. I’ve been casting for roughly 18 months, and in the past 6 months I’ve decided to focus on improving my brand and quality. Part of that effort has been to clean up the stream, update some of the interfaces, and create a better on-screen experience. But another large part of my endeavor has been centered on improving the studio itself to deliver better quality. That includes a better cameras, microphones, gaming chair and a better desk. That’s right, a desk.While getting a new chair has allowed me to sit at the computer for extended periods of time, and I’ve enjoyed playing games for longer, it was the UPLIFT desk which proved to be the true game changer in terms of casting eSports. For the first few weeks of having the desk, I had it set to a comfortable sitting level and rarely adjusted it. As I began casting more and more games for the monthly tournament I was assigned, I started playing around with the height settings just to see what I’d be comfortable with. I set it to a standing level, adjusting it by .1 inches up and down until I found the perfect level, and now I’m spoiled. I can’t go back to the old way of casting, hunched over the desk while trying to call out the 800 actions per minute being performed on screen. Not only does standing at a desk while casting feel more natural, but it also allows me to project my voice more clearly. The human body just was not meant to be bent in half while trying to communicate frantically. Standing upright, and keeping my blood pumping by moving around a little throughout the cast, also helps keep me more alert and focused on each game. This used to be a bit of a challenge for those games that would run past the 90 minute mark. Most MOBA games are action packed, but after 40 minutes of repeating “Both teams just seem to be farming up for their next big items,” I challenge anybody sitting down not to fall victim to a hypnic jerk.

To put it mildly, the UPLIFT desk has forever changed how I approach casting eSports. My back no longer hurts, I feel more comfortable and can project my voice with greater clarity, I have more adrenaline pumping and can keep focused on games for longer…. what more could an up-and-coming caster ask for? is your source for the UPLIFT Desk and other quality ergonomic products.

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