Guest Blog: The UPLIFT Desk and the PC Gamer

Guest Blog: The UPLIFT Desk and the PC Gamer

Posted by Human Solution on Jul 2nd 2015

We're pleased to welcome Frank P, host of the RandomFrankP series of video reviews on Youtube! He wanted to share his experiences with his new UPLIFT 900 Desk. Watch his video review above and read his thoughts below!

Starting off, I want to talk about the specifications of my UPLIFT Desk. I decided I wanted a black base and white top to go along with my white and black gaming setup. It looks very nice and clean, and is great for when I do product reviews. Other colors and bases can be purchased as well.

My particular desk is 30” deep x 60” wide and it fits great in my room. One of the coolest things about this desk is the option for it to be either a sitting or standing desk. If I get tired of sitting for countless hours, I can switch it up and stand for a new healthy alternative at the touch of a button.

I have the advanced 1-touch digital memory keypad that lets me manually move the desk up and down with the two arrow buttons, or set one of four presets to any height I wish. The desk can be at the lowest height of 24.5 inches and go all the way up to 49.5 inches, giving you the option to either sit or comfortably stand. I personally will be using this as a sitting desk for most of the time, so I have saved a preset height that fits my 6-foot frame perfectly.

As you can see from the photo, I have the desktop filled with all my gaming hardware and peripherals, and it still powers up and down without a problem. In fact, these desks are engineered to hold 355 pounds, so yes I took the opportunity to test that! I also use the UPLIFT Dual Monitor Arm for my monitors, because it allows me to free up space on my desktop and I can move and position them in any orientation to make my experience optimal. With the UPLIFT monitor arm,the monitors sit at the perfect height aligned with my eyes.

Underneath the desk, I used the wire management kit, which allows me to hide and neatly organize all the cable clutter so nothing gets tangled or ripped when I move the desk. From the time I started using the UPLIFT 900 Desk, I have instantly loved it. It is a major upgrade from my last desk, and I now have plenty of room to game, film reviews, browse my laptop, etc. with all this space.

As with any piece of furniture that is white, dust, scuffs, and any markings will be clearly visible, and for a neat freak like me, I’ll be cleaning this a lot. Having the white top, though, is worth it for me.

All in all, the desk has been a worthy upgrade and I absolutely love it!

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