Guest Blog: UPLIFT Desk and Mulitmedia Production

Guest Blog: UPLIFT Desk and Mulitmedia Production

Posted by Human Solution on May 20th 2016

My original media music workstation simply wasn’t productive as I needed it to be, the monitor was static and could not be moved and it was an ergonomic nightmare. So after a considerable amount of research for over a year, including looking at options I could build myself, I came across the Human Solution’s desk while looking for office chairs. I knew immediately that there was something unique about this desk, something I could not easily replicate. So I saved up and purchased an UPLIFT Desk.

The order process was a breeze, and between their chat and phone customer service, I was able to order exactly what I wanted. I even built a few variations of what I wanted online with the various feature choices offered. Within a week after I ordered, the Uplift desk arrived. It was large, as expected, and the top was pretty heavy. I ended up sliding it in its box; however it would be better with two people, especially at the 72” size.

It was then time to clean up the space to make room for the new desk, so I got some totes and organized the different cables into boxes based on what they were for so that reassembly of the various connections would go quickly. While the space looks small, I measured precisely for what was needed for the desk footprint, which is pretty small but the legs give plenty of open space.

Next was unpacking the boxes and reading the instructions. Everything came packed very well, with either a bubble pack or fitted foam for the heavy components. The boxes were sturdy so there was no risk of damage to the parts inside.

Then came the un-boxing. I started by placing a large soft blanket on the ground below the cardboard box. I only unpackaged what I needed to access the bottom of the desk and left the rest of the protective material in place to protect the desktop during assembly.

Assembly was a breeze with the pre-drilled holes. The CPU holder is amazing I was quite thrilled with how strong and capable it is, having enough strength to hold a full tower and still enough versatility to fit the mid tower I’m currently using.

And now I have my current setup for music production and for writing this article. I love my UPLIFT Desk. I use it standing and sitting frequently and if I’ve got to be on the run or I’m recording music I can set it at standing height or any height I desire with the programmable control and presets. The motors are powerful and more than fast enough and the cable management worked well. I chose to have 3 holes in the desk due the sheer number of cables that needed to be routed to different devices all over the desk. The two monitor arms were simple to install and work great! One little feature I enjoyed was the Allen key storage which allows you to have the adjustment keys close at hand for fine tuning the movement of the monitors.

Human Solution has come up with a fantastic product. It achieves everything that a producer of music, video, radio and computer generated content could possibly want from a desk. It has the added benefit of being healthy so you actually have a choice when it comes to sitting for 16 hrs or more working on a project. Now you can stand or, should you buy a treadmill, walk while working at your desk. If you’ve not had a chance to look at Human Solution you really should take the time and browse the options available. They have many different types of desktops. I chose the white greenguard which is very similar to a waterproof kitchen laminate. I’m confident that if you work with the team at Human Solution and order one of their UPLIFT desks you won’t be disappointed!

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