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Bouncing for Joy: The Rubberwood Solid Wood Sit-Stand Desk by UPLIFT

Author: Tyler Reinhardt | Posted:

This product is currently available for pre-order only. Expected to ship in October.

Remember when the Kindergarten version of you hadn’t quite mastered the art of witty retorts so you fell back on a canned one? You probably used the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” rhyme at least once or twice in these situations, if not more. Rubber may not sound like the most durable of materials but you sure thought it was tough when you were younger. It turns out your younger self was actually kind of right. Latex rubber is produced from the sap of the Hevea tree, also known as the rubber tree or rubber plant, and is used to make all sorts of products. Its ability to take a hit and bounce back is pretty impressive as far as materials go. Sadly, rubber trees only produce the sap for a limited number of years. Around the ages of 25-30 their production decreases drastically. So what happens to the noble rubber tree at the end of its rubber producing cycle? Well it turns out that the trees themselves are actually comprised of a very sturdy hardwood - rubberwood - and when you have such great crafting material, why let it go to waste?

At UPLIFT Desk, the retired rubber trees have a second life as a desktop with a unique aesthetic. That’s right. After a lifetime of producing everything from balloons to hot water bottles, the rubber tree can now spend its retirement as a beautiful addition to your office décor. The grains of rubberwood tend to be very mild but there’s enough variation to give the desktop a very interesting but subtly rustic look. Aside from the visual appeal, rubberwood is also super sturdy and the trees themselves grow relatively quickly, making these one of the more sustainable desktops on the market today.

Of course, we’ll be putting this unique desktop on one of our three-stage UPLIFT frames so not only will you be able to sit and work, you’ll also be able to stand at will to relieve any fatigue or loss of focus brought on by sitting. And with 355 pounds of lifting capacity, the UPLIFT Rubberwood Solid Wood Sit-Stand Desk can accommodate a wide range of workspace needs. The pricing for one of our Rubberwood Solid Wood Desks starts at $724, which is a little more than one of our laminate or bamboo tops but it’s well worth it for durability and a solid wood look. As always if your interest is piqued and you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team at 800-531-3746 for all the answers and all of the great service you’ve come to expect!

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