Happy National Cat Day!

Happy National Cat Day!

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 29th 2015

Today is a wonderful day, my friends! National Cat Day, when we celebrate Gordon even more than usual. You can see him above working out hard at one of our treadmill desks.

In addition to admiring Gordon, today is a good opportunity to hang out at your local cat cafe, adopt a new friend from the shelter, de-stress with an Uber kitten delivery, and of course, watch cat videos to your heart's content. Round out your afternoon with a solid nap and a snack, and you've got yourself an A+ day.

Here we see Gordon showing off his new UPLIFT Desk, which he assembled in under 40 minutes earlier this morning. He chose a black top with black base because it contrasts nicely with his mostly-white fur. (Gordon has always been a paragon of style.) So far he has spent most of his workday just riding up and down, but we understand that he's excited about his new workstation and will get down to business soon.

Here's hoping National Cat Day is as fun for you as it is for Gordon.

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