A Year Later, I Still Love My Treadmill Desk

A Year Later, I Still Love My Treadmill Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 31st 2014

Some trendy products come and go, while others are popular because they have valuable functionality. Sometimes it's hard to know what new thing is going to have staying power, and which items will end up collecting dust in your basement. We know that height adjustable desks and treadmill desks are very hot right now - just do a quick google search and you'll find all kinds of news articles, blog posts, videos, etc promoting various brands and solutions. And while these products are becoming more mainstream, we do still see a lot of skepticism about whether these new products are safe, stable, and worth the investment. I am a strong believer in the staying power of height adjustable desks, and I highly recommend considering a treadmill desk. I can offer my experience of having one for a year, and how its staying power for me has not been a gimmick.

Before working at a treadmill desk myself, I was convinced that it would be a physical hazard - that typing and walking was just an invitation to fall on my face in front of my work colleagues. I was nervous about trying it out. But I was pleased to discover that with the proper accessories (electric desk that's easy to adjust to the perfect level, ergonomic mouse, and monitor arm), walking and working was not only easy but also really helpful to my overall wellness goals and daily productivity.

Throughout this past year, my level of commitment with my treadmill desk has had a natural ebb and flow; there have been times where I've walking 3 to 6 miles a day, and then there have been other days where walking just a mile was all I could do. Like anything else that involves effort and commitment, walking on my treadmill came down to willingness. But one thing that I think is indispensable is the option to walk. With traditional desks that offer zero adjustments, your only option is to step away if you want to move around. With a treadmill desk, not only can I adjust the level to a standing position, but I can walk around without leaving my work behind me. This is incredibly freeing.

In addition, there are times when I don't make the gym as much as I plan. Having a treadmill desk at work allows me another option to get some activity in. On those days I miss or skip a workout, I can commit to walking a little bit more to balance that out, so at least I know I've gotten a bit more activity in and the day is not a total wash.

A year later, I'm still using my desk and I love it just as much as I did when I first got it. My treadmill desk's novelty has not worn out, in fact its value has increased as I have used it over time and integrated it into my work life. I think it's absolutely worth every penny, and I have yet to fall (knock on wood)!

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