Hit the Road! (After First Being Carefully Packed, Of Course)

Hit the Road! (After First Being Carefully Packed, Of Course)

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 5th 2014

There's a lot that sets our UPLIFT height-adjustable desks apart from the rest of the pack, like our hefty weight capacity, telescoping crossbar, awesome accessories, great customer service, and industry-leading warranty. But there's something else you may not have considered in your search for the perfect sit-stand workstation: how the desk is packaged for shipment. That may not be in the forefront of your mind when checking out the features of a desk, but having the product arrive in excellent condition is an important start to your new working lifestyle.

Our warehouse is just around the corner from our main offices here in Austin, and yesterday I spent a couple of hours in there to get a full picture of our desk processes, from order to shipment. I must say, I was pretty impressed with the efficiency and care with which the desks are prepared and packaged. It starts with a printout of your order, showing your desk configuration. The warehouse guys pull the appropriate top and pre-drill for easy assembly when it reaches you. Laminate tops get our standard pre-drilling (though it's easy for you to stray from that if you want different placement for the base or accessories once your order arrives). Solid wood tops are pre-drilled according to your specifications, which will be on your order form. Once pre-drilled, the top is carefully packaged for maximum protection. All tops get corner protectors and thick foam around the edges, and are then boxed and placed between two wood planks at the bottom of the pallet. Then, the components of your base are QC'd, tested, packed, placed on top of the desktop along with any accessories, and finally banded for shipment. All orders go through a checklist, with multiple eyes checking for accuracy and quality control. This careful process ensures that your shipment arrives exactly as you ordered and ready for assembly.

The alternative, which we've seen with some of our competitors, is to source pre-boxed tops and bases from other suppliers, then simply pull them off the shelves and onto the pallet. Yours may be the first set of eyes on your desk from the time of initial factory boxing overseas, to the desk seller, then to you. Because our wood and premium laminate tops are sourced from local woodworkers and laminate makers, and because we pre-drill for you, we know the tops are in good condition. Because we manufacture, test, and pack the base components, we know they're in good working order. Our process ensures that 99% of our shipments arrive in perfect condition. In the rare case of damage that occurs in transit, please call us right away and we will immediately resolve the problem.

We're here to make sure the entire process, from inquiry to delivery, goes as smoothly as possible. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you join the standing revolution!

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