'Home Recording Weekly' Loves the UPLIFT Monitor Arms!

'Home Recording Weekly' Loves the UPLIFT Monitor Arms!

Posted by Greg V on Jun 30th 2015

As someone who works at a desk all day, I’m well aware of how quickly things can get cluttered. Between stacks of paper work, post-it notes, schedules, and even those candy wrappers you have yet to throw away (sorry, mom), a little bit of extra desk space can go a long way. This is a struggle all too familiar to Kern Ramsdell over at Home Recording Weekly, a well known podcaster, blogger, and music engineer who spends a lot of his time at his desk. Before calling Human Solution, Kern's desk looked anything but presentable. This was a problem for him, as he had clients coming in and out of his office on a daily basis and had a strong need to look as professional as possible.

The best part of his set up- before we came to save the day- was his homemade monitor system, in which he desperately stacked his monitors on a pile of old catalogs in order to keep them raised. Kern learned very quickly that these unsightly stacks weren’t the solution, but were adding to the problem. “When you have a client come over to our house… do you want them to see a cluttered environment where you have catalogs boosting your monitors up… or do you want them to see that you’re serious about the way things look and feel and interact with clients,” he questions in his video. He knew something had to be done.

Kern decided to be pro-active and give us a call. Our experts quickly steered Kern in the direction of our Dual UPLIFT Monitor Arms, and voila! He couldn't be happier! In fact, you can hear him brag on and on about the UPLIFT Monitor Arms in the video posted above. In the video you'll get to learn even more about the extremely talented Kern, as he not only covers the space-saving side of things, but also delves into the health benefits these monitor arms provide someone who is disabled. I recommend the view!

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