Using the UPLIFT Laptop Mount

Using the UPLIFT Laptop Mount

Posted by Ryan O on Apr 1st 2015

If you need to use your laptop as a primary or secondary screen, then the UPLIFT Laptop Mount paired with either the UPLIFT Single or UPLIFT Dual monitor arm, would be a great accessory to add. Using a laptop as a primary monitor is pretty normal, but using it on a monitor arm, or as a second monitor, can be a little foreign. That's why I wanted to show you how I use my laptop on the UPLIFT Laptop Mount every time I’m in the studio.

As you would with a monitor, after you install the laptop mount, you want to set your laptop on the shelf (with it closed and parallel to the desk) so you can counterbalance the monitor arm (figure 1). Once you’ve done that, you can then lower the arm closer to your desk, and wrap the elastic straps around the laptop, one at the top of the keyboard, and one closer to the bottom, so they are holding the laptop securely (figure 2). Since the straps stretch, you can even leave them attached, and slide them on and off the next time you put your laptop on the mount.

Once the straps are in place, you can open the screen nearly as far as it can go, and tilt the laptop mount forward so that your screen is angled about 10-15 degrees back. You can then raise the laptop so that the screen is about even with your eyes. You now have your laptop in a more comfortable ergonomic position! (figure 3).

Once you are ready to remove your laptop, you just reverse the previous steps: Tilt the laptop up so it is parallel to the desk, close the screen, and slide off (or undo) the elastic straps. At this point you want to make sure you raise the arm to its highest position before removing the laptop. Since you are removing all the weight from the arm, it will spring back to its highest position; a fact I had forgotten about the first time I started using the laptop mount in the studio. Once the arm is up all the way, you can take your laptop off, and you are good to go!

After doing these steps a few times, adding and removing your laptop becomes second-nature. I use my keyboard and mouse on my desk while I’m in the studio, but you may want to consider using an UPLIFT Keyboard Tray for even more ergonomic benefits.

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