Humanscale Element Light Review

Humanscale Element Light Review

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 18th 2010

The Humanscale Element Light is a sight for sore eyes. We saw this ergonomic desk lamp for the first time in Vegas at the NECE conference last year and were very impressed. Let me shed a little light on the Element desk lamp for you.

First of all, my favorite feature is that you can touch or bump into the lamp without burning yourself; you can literally grab the light itself while it’s on to adjust its position. There’s a series of heat-dispersing metal fins on the Element that keep it cool. Apparently, lights that overheat don’t work as well over time, and they end up doing more harm than good before burning out. Lights will burn a more yellow color, and this can be damaging to eyes. Keeping the LED cool lets it operate at its maximum brightness for the Elements entire rated life.

What’s so great about that? A couple things- first, the LED is a single bulb, so it doesn’t cast multiple shadows like standard lights do. Additionally, the Element Light illuminates a wide area with bright, white light and is the first of its kind to meet full ergonomic criteria set by the Department of Energy. Okay, so this kid’s bright. On top of everything else, the light bulb’s lifespan is 60,000 hours: that’s 30 years of daily use in a 9-5 office environment. This information begs the question, “How many ergonomists does it take to change a light bulb?”

I purchased a Humanscale Element Light for myself and I absolutely love it. I got the basic clamp mount which happens to be the cheapest option. We typically recommend clamp mounts on monitor arms to avoid drilling into desks or walls, so it made sense here as well. It took me no more than 3 minutes to set up. The lamp arm fits into the opening on the clamp; it’s simple but secure. Opting for an alternative base would be an easy switch for changing workstation needs. I could see the wall or panel mounts working well with the Element adjustments too because my monitor restricts the lamp’s movement a little bit.

Humanscale just revealed new ergonomic task lights with different body styles and features. Humanscale yet again succeeds at matching sustainability with minimal, modern design. We’ll get those up as they become available for retail sale and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend getting one for a workspace- don’t get left in the dark! Current lead time for these customizable ergonomic desks lamps is 5-7 days, but we also carry Humanscale Element Light- Same Day Ship with a silver finish and clamp base if you need a task light fast.

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