I Challenge You to a Dual…Mouse Platform

I Challenge You to a Dual…Mouse Platform

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 1st 2010

Many people we know, including our owner, Jon Paulsen, use a keyboard tray with dual mouse platforms on either side. We thought you might like to know why this is, and consider whether it might work for you.

Placed on each side of the keyboard tray, dual platforms give users a few options. One thing some people choose to do is put an input device such as a Kinesis keypad on one platform while using a mouse on the other. This is especially helpful for users who need a 10-key, but like our tenting keyboards, which do not include one.

Another possibility is to make a workstation accessible to both right and left handed users by placing mice on each side. This segues nicely into the reason Jon likes it, which is to use a mouse on either side, switching when one hand becomes fatigued. This reduces stress on hands and gives one a rest when needed.

To try this out, you may order our pre-made dual mouse platform keyboard tray or select a second clip mouse as an option with our build your own keyboard tray systems.

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