If You Can't Trash It, Convert It! Upgrading Your Desk With a Sit to Stand Desk Converter

If You Can't Trash It, Convert It! Upgrading Your Desk With a Sit to Stand Desk Converter

Posted by Tyler R on Jan 25th 2017

Everybody wants to upgrade their desks now, it seems, but not everyone is able to do away with their old desk setup. Those stubborn office bureaucracies tend to make everything more difficult. As much as you’d probably like to take an ax to that fixed height abomination, there are solutions that are much less violent. They may or may not be as much fun, but they are every bit as satisfying. Welcome to the world of standing desk converters, the handy gadgets that allow you to go from sitting to standing and vice versa without any real modification to your existing desk surface.

Naturally, having manufactured our own, we’re inclined to be a little biased toward the UPLIFT desk converters like the UPLIFT Adapt and the UPLIFT Adapt Pogo for dual monitor setups. But they really are a fantastic product, with a few little features that set them apart from other brands. Specifically, the Adapt with the clamp mount has a separate keyboard platform that allows the keyboard to sit lower than the desktop, which maximizes ergonomic positioning when sitting and standing. This has been a pretty popular feature since we introduced the converters a few months ago. Sadly, the UPLIFT Adapt with the freestanding mount does not share this ability, but if you have a desk set up that isn’t going to play well with having something clamped to the desk edge, fear not - we’ve started adding to our family of desk converters.

Introducing the UPLIFT Adapt X, which features a new scissor lift design that grants you not only a more ergonomic keyboard tray platform, but also the freedom and versatility of a freestanding desk converter. It’s perfect for cubicle settings and areas where removing the existing work surface is impossible, and it starts at $329, which is a great deal when considering other converters on the market are half the quality at thrice the price.

With even more affordable sit-stand solutions on the way, there are even less excuses. If you’re a boss looking to upgrade your office to something from this century, now’s as good a time as any. If you’re not quite that high up the chain but slogging through that 9 to 5, and sitting all day every day is getting uncomfortable, have a chat with your higher ups. Show ‘em our site. There are lots of great reasons on there to get standing today!

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