In the Studio with the UPLIFT Dual Monitor Arm

In the Studio with the UPLIFT Dual Monitor Arm

Posted by Ryan O on May 18th 2015

Photographing in the studio requires you to adapt your tools to fit your subject. Your lights, background, tripod, etc. all have to change from shoot to shoot. Your workspace is no different. If you are transitioning from sitting to standing, not only does your desk have to move, but your monitor and keyboard do as well. If you use your keyboard on your desk, then you can set the height of the desk for where your arms are in the best ergonomic position. However, most of the time, your monitor, which was at a good height while you were sitting, is no longer going to be in a good ergonomic position when you stand up. For this reason, adding the UPLIFT Monitor Arm to your workstation can lead to increased comfort while you work.

I added the UPLIFT Dual Monitor Arm to my studio desk so that I no longer had to look down at my laptop, and instead, could use it as a secondary monitor. The only accessory you need to get your laptop on the dual arm is the UPLIFT Laptop Mount, which will work with, and hold most laptops. After your laptop is on the mount, you can adjust it as easily as you would adjust a monitor. For example, if I have to remain in an awkward position in order to get a shot, I will sometimes move the laptop closer to me, so I can use the keyboard and touch pad, instead of having to go to the desk. It's also helpful to be able to spin the main monitor around to show image previews instead of fellow employees having to come into the studio space.

The adjustability of the UPLIFT Dual Monitor Arm makes it a great addition to your workspace, and if you have a laptop, adding the UPLIFT Laptop Mount can create even more options, allowing you to not only be more productive, but also to help you feel more comfortable while you work.

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