Innovative Stools Help Hold Attention Steady

Innovative Stools Help Hold Attention Steady

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 17th 2013

Staying engaged while working an 8 hour day can be difficult for anyone. For people and children with learning disabilities and attention problems, this normal issue is even more compounded and problematic. As it turns out, certain stools that move with the body and encourage movement can also help you hone your focus, and there are studies that have proven it.

There have been a handful of recent studies on fidget-friendly work environments and their affect on children with ADHD. A 2008 study revealed that children actually need to move in order to focus on a complicated task. To read more, check out this article by the National Education Association, it has some great ideas for ways to integrate movement structure into the learning experience, and more information on these studies.

We offer a number of ergonomic stools that encourage natural movement of the body and can help you maintain focus while you work. Here are some of my favorites:

1. The Varier Move Standing Stool is designed with movement in mind. This stool has a very comfortable feel to it - a bounce that moves with your body as you adjust, and a base that lets you tilt at different angles. In addition, the saddle seat gives you a comfortable feeling of stability, even as you're moving. Because of this type of seat, I think this option is my personal favorite, because I like how you can be completely free to move, without feeling like you're about to fall off the stool. This particular chair is also available in child size.

2. The Steelcase Buoy is a brand new release and very cool chair. This stool feels literally like a buoy, and is a lot of fun to experience. With up to 12 degrees of tilt for active seating, this chair also is very easy to move around, so if you work in various locations in the office throughout the day, this is a great option.

3. The Via Swopper Chair is also a fun and progressive chair. It looks like a corkscrew, and is very buoyant and movement-encouraging. You can check out a great review of this chair here.
4. The Neutral Posture ONGO stool is also a great choice. Its curved base allows easy tilt in any direction, and lightweight design allows you to move locations within the office.

Movement is important; if you can integrate a little activity while you work, the benefits will affect your productivity and focus as well as your health!

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