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Swopper Chair - Design Your Own

item#: VIA105

The Swopper Chair promotes movement and builds strength while you sit and work. This unique, fun and flexible ergonomic chair provides back pain relief and comfortably works your core muscles with its unique elastic, springy movement. Sitting and moving in the Swopper Chair will help strengthen your back and tone your abdominal muscles while also helping to improve respiration all while keeping your body active. The Human Solution recommends the specially-designed Swopper chair over an exercise ball for users looking to tone muscles and stay fit while seated.

Check out our Swopper Chair in Leather and our Swopper Special Edition in Ultra Suede.

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Base Color

Pick a base color for your custom-made Swopper. Both powder-coated base colors look great in a variety of office spaces. Anthracite is a flat black color, while Titanium is a brushed metal color.

Swopper Anthracite Base Swopper Titanium Base

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Back Support

Swopping all day is great for your back and core muscles, but eventually you will want to sit back and relax. The dynamic back support crafted of black polyurethane mesh lets you do just that. It's available only in the anthracite frame color and can be retrofitted to any Swopper. If you wish to order the back support separately for an existing Swopper, give us a call at (800) 531-3746.

Swopper Dynamic Back Support

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Casters - Swopper Chair

The Swopper is available with or without casters, which lock when you put your weight on the seat. Please note, the casters are not removable, and they are available only with the anthracite base.

Swopper with and without casters

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Via offers the fabrics and leathers below, and will also use your fabric if you wish (call us for more details). All the fabrics listed here are in stock and ship in about a week.

Hue - Grade 1

Hue is crafted of 100% recycled polyester and features a latex backing and a teflon surface finish. Hue is extremely durable, an excellent choice for 24/7, multi-user applications as its abrasion rating is one million rubs. It can be cleaned with water based agents, foam or pure water-free solvents.

Hue swatches

Propensity - Grade 1

Propensity is a durable 100% polyester woven fabric with an acrylic backing that is stain and soil resistant. 24% of the polyester used to make Propensity is recycled, so no matter what color you choose, you'll be getting a green fabric. The abrasion rating is 100,000 double rubs and the fabric can be cleaned with water based agents, foam or pure water-free solvents.


Canter - Grade 1

Canter is an extremely popular, 100% polyurethane vinyl that is PVC free. This fabric features polyester backing and an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial finish. The abrasion rating is 240,000 double rubs and it is bleach-cleanable.

Canter swatch

Top Grain Leather - Grade 6

Grade 6 top grain leather is extremely high quality and colored with pure aniline dyes. They feature rich colors and a durable, protective finish with a very soft and supple hand. Treat as you would any fine leather.

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Prolence Leather - Grade 8

Prolence leather is the top of the line. It is a premium, top grain, European hide featuring aniline dyes and a transparent topical finish that protects from some stains and reduces moisture absorption. All colors are created in the initial dying phase. No shading or stains are added to the surface, so nothing obscures the natural shadings and typical surface irregularities. This creates an extremely soft hand and rich colors. Treat as you would any fine leather.

prolence leather swatches

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Notebook and Tablet Stand

The UPLIFT Notebook and Tablet Stand will come in handy not only when you're traveling, but anytime you want to set your laptop or tablet in an ergonomic position. Choose from seven different height settings to keep your screen at eye-level, which helps you avoid problems like eye strain and neck and back pain. This item also works well as a document holder, allowing you to input data without having to move your neck repeatedly from document to screen. The stand is lightweight, easily portable, and best of all, it's free!

UPLIFT Travel Notebook and Table Stand

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Swopper Chair in Leather
List Price: $1,166.00
Our Price: $839.00
Swopper Air Chair
List Price: $1,200.00
Our Price: $899.00

The Swopper Chair offers a healthy, fun and active way to sit while you work. This product of German engineering is designed to combat unhealthy static postures and promote movement while also providing relief for those who suffer from lower back pain. The Swopper Chair provides a safe, comfortable and effective way to strengthen and tone your back and abdominal muscles while seated. You can use it as a stool or a task chair. The Swopper offers the best of an exercise ball – dynamic “bouncy” movement – and the essential elements of an ergonomic chair – a comfortable padded seat, long-term durability and high-quality design. The chair’s optional back rest provides extra back support you may need if you tend to sit for long hours.

Swopper Chair Features

  • Active movement helps burn calories and tone core, ab and back muscles
  • Vertical height adjustments to fit a wide range of users
  • Soft, continuous bouncing supplies spine with vital nutrients while strengthening your core and back
  • Dynamic optional back support made of black polypropylene mesh

Swopper Chair Specifications

Seat size 16" diameter
Seat height 22" - 27.5 "
Base diameter 21.5"
Weight limit 250 lbs
Chair weight 23 lbs
Warranty Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

The Swopper Chair promotes motion and circulation with its springy vertical movement and flexible lateral movement, both of which are independently adjustable. The Swopper engages your body in active, bouncy movement that strengthens your core, back, and increases the circulation throughout your body. It’s a fun, invigorating experience. A few hours a day of this gentle bouncing is some of the healthiest movement for the body. I recommend the Swopper Chair for those seeking a comfortable alternative office chair that offers great health benefits and will keep you moving and burning calories.

Swopper Chair Special Edition in Ultra Suede
Original Price: $999.00
Our Price: $699.00
Swopper Chair in Leather
Original Price: $1,166.00
Our Price: $839.00

Customer Reviews

Swopper Chair - Design Your Own
5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
The Woodlands, TX
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Eye-catching and fun!
August 5, 2015
After seeing the Swopper on Youtube, it was wonderful to try it out in person in your Austin store when we were up that way visiting. What a cool chair! The staff at The Human Solution was so honest with me about the possible issue with the chair - the hardness that makes it hard to sit on for a long time, and the tip to switch between chairs just as I would switch between sitting and standing during my day - that I was not troubled at all by that feature. I also appreciated the heads up that the leather cover might be more slippery than I personally would prefer. It was also really interesting to try out other chairs - kneeling chairs, saddle chairs and so forth. There is nothing like trying things out in person, and your store and your staff are awesome. I later ended up ordering a cute green cloth-covered Swopper on a platinum color base from you guys for my big Christmas present. The customer service was excellent both in store and online, delivery was as promised and I've been enjoying my Swopper ever since. When it is in the main gathering area at home (as an alternative to sitting on the couch to watch tv), guests invariable enjoy sitting on it. It roams around my home depending on where I'm in the mood to use it. An unexpected discovery: A number of chiropractors have their clients use inflatable wobble cushions daily and right before adjustments. I love that the Swopper is like a really elegant wobble cushion - it feels great to use the Swopper to stretch my spine in different ways and to activate muscles in my trunk.

5 Stars

Terrific seat
June 11, 2011
I bought two of the Swopper stools and they are much better than I expected. I sit on one at work all day and I've never once regretted it. It is energizing to sit on, completely unlike a regular chair, where getting out of the chair makes me regret sitting in it. With the Swopper I get up easily and feel as if I wasn't even sitting at all. I'm very glad to have the Swopper.

5 Stars

May 11, 2011
it really helps

5 Stars

Great product!
April 19, 2011
Before purchasing the Swopper, I was using a Pilates Ball chair. I liked using a chair without a back and felt that it strengthened and put less pressure on my back but found the Pilates Ball chair uncomfortable after a while. This chair is better for many reasons but mainly because it's adjustable and keeps your legs at a good angle.

5 Stars

Great seat!!!
March 31, 2011
Everything good you read about the product is true. It's well constructed, very attractive design, and makes so much sense to sit on relative to other chairs. The only negative, which I did see in previous reviews, is that it feels a bit hard, so you do get sore about a while of sitting on it. It is padded, so I'm not sure if this is because it needs more padding or the fact that your weight is more concentrated than on a regular chair. I previous review said that he didn't mind it because it just forced him to get up and walk around more, and I completely agree. This seat makes you more active while sitting on it as well.

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