Install a Standing Desk All On Your Own!

Install a Standing Desk All On Your Own!

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 22nd 2014

"How hard is it to assemble an electric sit-stand desk?"

Don't worry, we have done most of the work for you! The major components, like the leg columns that contain the motors, come pre-wired and ready for assembly. We've even put together an UPLIFT 900 desk assembly video to show how easy it is and provide a couple quick tips to make assembly of your standing desk even smoother.

If you're like me, the idea of attaching the base to the top is bad enough, but if you've purchased some additional ergonomic desk accessories, you may have to attach the keyboard tray and CPU holder, string together the wire management, and get everything neat, working, and in the proper places. It's enough to make anyone cringe just thinking about it, but I assembled my UPLIFT Standing Desk today with minimal effort. You can, too!

Keep these tools handy when going to assemble a desk:

  • A set of Allen wrenches or "hex keys" (included with your desk)
  • A Phillips-head screwdriver

The Allen wrenches tighten, loosen, and generally adjust parts like the monitor stand and monitor stand clamp, as well as tighten the main bolts of the desk base. The screwdriver is for mounting your desktop with the included wood screws to your desk base. The laminate desk tops offered with UPLIFT Desks are soft enough to take the wood screw directly, so power tools aren't necessary, but can make assembly quicker.

Standing desk assembly tip: Start with the desktop on the ground, assembling and screwing in all components with the desk upside down. Then once everything is secure and complete, flip the desk over.

The rest is as simple as mounting and plugging in your cables. Generally, on an electric desk there will be connecting cables running from the control box to the leg columns and from the control box to the keypad control unit. It helps to label your wires and draw a small wire management map to keep handy. The labels can keep you from getting mixed up when plugging and unplugging devices later, and the map lets you know the general state of things and how much room you have for attachments overall. The labels and map can also help others if you ever have contractors or general help come in to fix or rearrange anything.

Still want the desk assembled professionally? We also offer Platinum Level White Glove Delivery and Installation that features indoor delivery and on-site assembly. We'll even take the trash out for you! Either way, assembling an UPLIFT Desk is faster and much easier than you thought!

Need help with your desk assembly? Contact The Human Solution and speak to an expert about putting your new setup together right.

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