Introducing the UPLIFT 700 Electric Sit-Stand Desk

Introducing the UPLIFT 700 Electric Sit-Stand Desk

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 13th 2012

We’ve written a lot about the advantages and health benefits of using an adjustable height sit-stand desk. (You could say we’re experts on the subject!) The thing I love most about using a sit-stand desk is the energy boost it gives me in the late afternoon. Around 3 p.m., I lift my electric desk up to a standing work position and immediately feel more focused and energetic.

Our new UPLIFT 700 Solid Wood Electric Sit-Stand Desk offers the same great benefits of our other adjustable height desks plus one major improvement – there’s no crossbar under the desktop! (Call us at 800-531-3746 for more info and pricing.) The UPLIFT 700 is strong enough to remain sturdy and straight without the need of a crossbar. This allows you the maximum amount of leg room underneath the desk and makes for a slim and sharp appearance. You’ll also have plenty of room on the underside of the desktop to install and stow an ergonomic keyboard tray, a vital ergonomic addition to any workspace.

That’s not the only thing we love about the UPLIFT 700. The desk raises and lowers with an easy-to-use control keypad that’s hooked up to a quiet electric motor. You can place the keypad anywhere you want on the desk (most people choose to place it underneath the right or left edge of the desk). The desk is available with black or silver legs which will raise and lower with ease, allowing you to access the full benefits of a sit-stand workstation: more calories burned throughout the day, relief from back pain and repetitive stress, higher energy levels and increased productivity and concentration. (Whew, 'dems a lot of benefits!)

The UPLIFT 700 is one of the best-looking sit-stand desks on the market. It’s available in a number of fine real wood tops, most of them made right here in Austin, TX. Choose from an elegant natural maple (pictured in this post) or figured maple, cedar, mesquite, knotty alder, natural ash or cherry. These are attractive, one-of-a-kind desktops for a one-of-a-kind desk made and manufactured by The Human Solution, the top authorized online ergonomics dealer.

Please contact us via phone (800-531-3746), chat or email for questions about pricing and availability on our UPLIFT 700 Electric Sit-Stand Desks.

See more photos of the UPLIFT 700 below:

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