Laptop Ergonomics – pain free computing

Laptop Ergonomics – pain free computing

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 24th 2009

Using your laptop instead of your desktop has the potential to cause pain in the wrists, arms, back and neck. The screen on a laptop is often too low, and the keyboard is poorly positioned. Additionally, the built-in mouse can cause discomfort from prolonged use.

Take these steps to improve your laptop ergonomics:

  1. Elevate the laptop screen with a stand. Try the Goldtouch Go! or Cricket laptop stand.
  2. Use an external laptop keyboard such as the Goldtouch Go! and a portable mouse like the Kensington SlimBlade.
  3. Use good posture. Elevate your screen so you can see it without bending your neck. Keep your wrists straight and your upper arms hanging comfortably at your sides while typing and mousing.
  4. Use a lightweight case like the Goldtouch CT3 or backpack such as the McKlein Division. If walking long distances, use a rolling case or wear a backpack on BOTH shoulders.

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